Drumtrodden Standing Stones

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Drumtrodden Standing Stones are situated in Galloway southwest Scotland, 25 miles southeast of Stranraer, 58 miles southwest of Dumfries, 2 miles east of Port William village.

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This is known as the Whithorn Peninsular or the Machars, with many historic attractions and interesting villages. The drive around is 45 miles, a full day when visiting the many attractions.

Finding the stones is by following the B7085 from Port William to Wigtown, after just under 2 miles, turn right onto the unmarked B7021 at a bend in the road, A few hundred yards up this road is a sign at the entrance to a track through a field. There is roadside parking for a few cars, and parking up at the stones if you have a suitable car.

The stones were placed around 3,000 years back for an unknown reason, may have been used for religious or ceremonial purposes..

There are also Rock Carvings in a field 400 yards northwest, thought to be even older.

The largest stone, in the third image, fell over around 2011, leaving just the east stone standing.

Drumtrodden Standing Stones Images