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Tour of Dusseldorf, Germany

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Dusseldorf is the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city is situated on the River Rhine, popular with its many events, fashion and trade fairs.

The main tourist attractions are the Promenade with the many bars/restaurants, river boat tours, parks, shopping, and the eight different breweries that can be visited to sample the beer, regarded by the locals as the finest in the world.

The city of Cologne is just 26 miles south of Dusseldorf, rail or boat trips to Cologne allow you to explore Cologne Cathedral, one of the largest and most famous churches in the world.

The currency in Germany since 2002 is the Euro. Beer Prices . Currency Converter.

Flights from UK Airports take about 1 hour 30 min to Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf International Airport / Wiki for Bmi . British Airways . Flybe . Jet2.com and International Flights, is situated about 5 miles north of Dusseldorf City. More than 350 Trains a day stop at Dusseldorf International Airport traveling between the airport and a number of destinations in Germany including Dusseldorf. The SkyTrain connects the railway station and the terminal building. Taxis leave from in front of Central Arrivals with a price of about 24 Euro to the city centre. The bus station is situated in front of Central Arrivals with a good selection of regional services. Regular Buses run to Dusseldorf. Google Map.

Ryanair provide regular flights between Dusseldorf Weeze Airport and UK Airports such as: Edinburgh . London/Stanstead .

Weeze Airport / Wiki for Ryanair is situated about 49 miles north of Dusseldorf. There are regular Buses that run between Weeze Airport and Dusseldorf priced at about 15 Euros single, travel time around 1hr 10 minutes. For quotes from a private shuttle service between the airport and Dusseldorf hotels, check the website ww.airport-weeze.de . Google Map.

Car Hire Companies at Dusseldorf International Airport . Car Hire Companies at Weeze Airport

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The Rhine Tower, in the centre of Dusseldorf, is one of the city's most popular attractions. This communications tower, built in 1979, is now open to the public for views of the city. Two elevators transport you at a speed of 4 meters per second.

The observation deck, with cafeteria at an altitude of 170 meters, offers an impressive view over the city and outskirts of Dusseldorf.

The windows that go all the way to the floor, are tilted so you can look straight down at the base of the tower.

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Dusseldorf's Media Harbour is situated next to the Rhine Tower, to the southwest.

This view of the harbour is from the Rhine Tower, many peoples favourite part of the city.

The harbour area has a number of innovative buildings, designed by architects such as Frank Gehry, Steven Holl and David Chipperfield.

There are also other interesting older buildings, along with a number of bars, cafes and a beach for sunbathing.

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Dusseldorf Parliament buildings, NRW, are situated next to the Rhine Tower, to the northeast.

The NRW parliament opened in 1988 after six years of construction. The design is based on cylinders and arcs by the architects Eller, Maier and Walter.

A steel sculpture by Dani Karavan is in the square in front of the main entrance. The sculpure was designed as a fountain, but has never used for that purpose.

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The Rhine river embankment promenade is situated a short distance northeast of the Rhine Tower.

This is considered one of the most scenic walks along the River Rhine.

Next to the promenade is the Altstadt, one of Dusseldorf‘s popular meeting places, shopping area, for restaurants, or just for relaxing. The famous breweries are also situated in the Altstadt.

Many of the river boat tours depart from here.

St Lambertus Church is the most prominet building on the promenade.

St Lambertus Church is situated next to the promenade.

Its brick architecture and grand spire, are said to be based on the Parish Church of Chesterfield in England, it is one of the most notable buildings in the city.

The church dates back to 1380, when Dusseldorf became the capital of the Duchy of Berg, a time when Dusseldorf was expanding dramatically.

There are a few more interesting churches in the centre of the city worth a visit.

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Dusseldorf Town Hall, Rathaus, is situated about 0.9 miles north of the Rihne Tower, just off the promenade, in the Alstadt, the Old Town.

The Town Hall was built in the 16th century. In the 18th century, it was re-designed, and after being severely damaged during World War II, it was reconstructed to the 18th century design.

This is actually three buildings: the old town hall at the north side, the Wilhelmine building and Grupello-House.

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Altstadt, the Old Town, is situated next to the promenade.

There are eight different breweries in Dusseldorf‘s Altstadt that can be visited, each with their own characteristics, and one with the longest bar in the world.

The Old Town is the liveliest part of the city with more than 300 bars and clubs.

You can tour the breweries yourself or take a guided tour.

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Boat Trips can be taken from the promenade.

The trips have a running commentary with interesting background information. The tour starts at the Rheinufer-Promenade heading along Dusseldorf’s old town into the new Media Harbour.

You can sometimes also take a day tour to the city of Cologne, 26 miles down the River Rhine. The main attraction in Cologne is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe, a must visit place.

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The Hofgarten is a park situated about 1.4 miles northeast of the Rhine Tower.

The park was originally laid out around 1770. On its south side are the Academy of Art, the Opera Haus, the Theater Museum, and the high-rise Thyssen Building.

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Dusseldorf Japanese Garden image

The Japanese Garden is situated about 3 miles north of the Rhine Tower in the Nordpark (near the Trade Fair Center).

Dusseldorf became home to its own Japanese garden in 1975 after the garden was a gift to them from Japanese expatriates of Dusseldorf, in return for the hospitality they received from local citizens.

The park has two water cascades, a small lake and a 13-stage pagoda.

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Benrath Palace is situated in the south of Dusseldorf, in the district Benrath, about 7 miles southeast of the Rhine Tower.

Built over 200 years ago, it is said to be one of the top palaces of its day.

The palace's impressing gardens feature the “Museum for European Garden Art” .

You can reach the palace with the tram 701, stop Schloss Benrath or train S6, RE1, RE5 to station Benrath, 5 minutes walking.

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Cologne Cathedral can be visited at times by boat tour , train or bus to the city of Cologne, 24 miles south of Dusseldorf.

The cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne, dedicated to Saint Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Cologne Cathedral is one of the world's largest churches, being the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe.

This cathedral survived the bombing of WW II after taking 14 hits. See a large photo of the destruction all around the cathedral.

Cathedral Map/Reviews . Cologne Information .

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For more information on Dusseldorf, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dusseldorf.

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