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Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden and has been the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden since the 13th century. Much of this scenic city is built on 14 islands.

Tourist attractions include shopping, restaurants/cafes, clubs, numerous museums, a large number of boat tours, an amusement park, and many Swedish Monarch residencies that can be visited. There is also a Ski Resort close to the City.

The currency is the Swedish Krona (SEK). One British Pound is worth about 12 (SEK). Beer Prices . Currency Converter.

Flights take about 1 hour 30 minutes between UK Airports and Stockholm.

Ryanair provide regular flights between Stockholm-Skavsta Airport and UK Airports such as: London/Stanstead .

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport/Wiki is situated about 66 miles south of Stockholm. It serves low-cost airlines such as Ryanair. Airport Coaches travel directly between Stockholm-Skavsta Airport and the Cityterminal in Stockholm, next to the main train station, about 90 min travel time and costs about SEK 140, return SEK 270. Online Coach Bookings . Taxis . Car Hire . Google Map.

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, largest airport in Sweden, is situated about 26 miles north of Stockholm. The fastest way to the airport from Stockholm Central Station is the Arlanda Express high-speed train service. The 20-minute train ride costs about 240 SEK for an adult and 120 SEK for under 25 year olds. Airport Buses provide less expensive transportation to Stockholm Cityterminal near the Central Station at about 150 SEK and takes between 30-70 minutes depending on traffic. Taxis cost about 670 SEK.

For information on International Airlines that fly to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm-Arlanda_Airport . Google Map.

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The City Hall, Stadshuset, is situated about 0.5 miles southwest of the train and bus stations.

The City Hall is the main symbol of the City. A guided tour of the building allows the best views of the City from the tower.

The City Hall is known for hospitality, unique art treasures, banquettes, and an interesting history, attracting about 400,000 visitors a year. Information on guided tours can be arranged through the website: international.stockholm.se/the-city-hall. More Images & Information.

Another top visitor attraction with fantastic views of Stockholm is Eriks Restaurant, sitting 33 metres above the water, just south of the Old Town. Website: www.eriks.se . Image . Map.

Romme Alpin Ski Resort 22 miles Northeast of Stolckholm.

The Swedish House of Parliament, Riksdag, is situated about 0.5 of a mile east of the City Hall, between the modern town centre and the Old Town, on a small island surrounded by water.

The impressive building attracts many visitors, and the staircases at the entrance are a popular place to sit around in the good weather.

There are regular tours of the Parliament Building.

The image right is from the City Hall Tower.

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The Old Town of Stockholm is situated about 0.7 of a mile east of the City Hall.

The view from the City Hall Tower shows the City of Stockholm is built on 14 islands and surrounding land. The Old Town of Stockholm is built on one of the largest islands, as seen left, and the circular Parliament building on a small island next to that.

The Old Town is where many of the tourist attractions are situated.

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The centre of the Old Town still has many cobbled streets and a large town square, known as the Stortorget. Many of the medieval buildings have been restored and can be toured.

This is a popular place to shop, and visit cafes and restaurants.

In the 1500s, the Old Town was the scene of Sweden’s most notorious event, known as the Stockholm Bloodbath, it was a mass killing of Swedish Noblemen by Danish King Christian II. This event led to a civil war.

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Stockholm Palace is situated in the Old Town, directly across the narrow waterway from Sweden's Parliament building.

This is the official residence of the Swedish monarchs, with the private residence of the royal family being Drottningholm Palace, 6 miles west.

These are the personal offices of the monarch, currently Carl XVI Gustaf, and the other members of the Swedish royal family, along with the administrative offices of the Royal Court of Sweden.

For information on visiting all the Royal Residences, visit the website: www.kungahuset.se.

The Riddarholmen Church is situated on the island of Riddarholmen, next to the Old Town, about 0.7 of a mile east of the City Hall.

This is the burial church of Swedish monarchs. The congregation was dissolved in 1807, so the church is now only used for burial and commemorative purposes.

Swedish monarchs from Gustavus Adolphus 1632 AD to Gustaf V 1950, are entombed here. Tombs of earlier monarchs such as Magnus III 1290 and Charles VIII 1470, can also be found here.

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The Royal Swedish Opera, Kungliga Operan, is situated about 0.6 of a mile east of the City Hall, close to the Stockholm Palace.

This is the top opera in Sweden. The opera company was founded by King Gustav III. Its first performance, Thetis and Phelee, took place on the 18th January 1773, becomming the first native speaking opera performed in Sweden.

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The Kungstradgarden is situated about 0.7 of a mile east of the City Hall.

The park's central location, and its art galleries, outdoor cafes and restaurants, makes it one of the most popular places in Stockholm.

The park is used for open-air concerts and other events in summer, and as an ice rink in winter.

The park is divided into four areas such as the Square of Charles XII, Molin's Fountain, Square of Charles XIII, and Fountain of Wolodarski.

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The Nationalmuseum is situated about 0.9 of a mile east of the City Hall.

This is the national gallery of Sweden, situated on the peninsula named Blasieholmen, in the centre of Stockholm.

The museum holds about half a million drawings, from the Middle Ages to 1900, a collection of porcelain, paintings, sculptures, and modern art. The museum also has an art library that is open to the public.

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The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern, is situated about 1 mile northeast of the City Hall.

This is Sweden's national stage for spoken drama. About one thousand shows take place each year, on the theatre's eight stages.

The theatre was completed to designs of the architect Fredrik Lilljekvist in 1908. Famous artists like Carl Milles and Carl Larsson were involved in the decorations. Some of the interior decorations were made by Prince Eugen.

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The Vasa Museum is situated about 1.9 miles east of the City Hall.

This maritime museum is situated on the island of Djurgarden, just east of the Old Town in Stockholm.

The museum holds the only almost fully intact 17th century ship ever to have been salvaged, the 64-gun warship Vasa, that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. The Vasa Museum opened in 1990 and soon became one of the most visited museum in Scandinavia.

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Tivoli Grona Lund is situated about 2.3 miles southeast of the City Hall.

This is an amusement park in Stockholm on Djurgarden island, just east of the Old Town. The park is fairly small as it is situated close to the city centre, with little room for expansion.

Grona Lund is also a popular venue for concerts in summer.

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Karlberg Palace or castle, is situated about 2.3 miles northwest of the City Hall.

This is a palace overlooking the Karlberg Canal. Built in 1630, the Palace houses the Military Academy Karlberg.

The park is interesting to explore with attractions such as: the Temple of Diana, and the burial site of Pompe, the dog of King Charles XII.

The park is open to the public 06.00 - 22.00 each day.

The Globe Arena or Ericsson Globe, is situated about 3 miles south of the City Hall, a short subway ride..

This is currently the largest hemispherical building in the world with a diameter of 360 feet, interior height of 279 feet, and holds up to 16,000 people.

The Globe is mainly used for ice hockey, and occasionaly used for musical performances and other sports events.

You can take a glass gondola to the top for great views over the city.

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Drottningholm Palace is situated about 6 miles west of the City Hall.

This is the private residence of the Swedish royal family, situated in Drottningholm 6 miles west of Stockholm, on the island of Lovon.

The earliest parts of the Palace were built in the late 1500s. Even though the Palace is the private residence of the Swedish royal family, it also serves as a tourist attraction that can be visited.

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Boat Tours are a popular way to see the city and canals, including hop on hop off boats.

There are also longer tours to the Archipelago including a large speed boat.

The boats depart from the harbour in front of the Grand Hotel, 0.6 of a mile east of the City Hall.

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For more information on Stockholm, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm.

For many tours of Stockholm, visit: www.viator.com/Sweden/d68/stockholm

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