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Loch Lomond Shores is a multi complex for shopping, cafes/restaurants, kids play, crazy golf, birds of prey centre, climb zone high in the trees, beach with many types of boats for hire including pedalos, and a large circular aquarium with a cafe at the top for great views over Loch Lomond. The aquarium also has a Large Cinema. Shops List.

The paddle steamer Maid of the Loch is permanently moored at Loch Lomond Shores to serve as a cafe/ restaurant and can be hired for parties. You can also bring your own boat or jet ski for trips on the loch.

There is also a hop on hop off Waterbuss Service that visits places around the loch, and a Walking / Cycle Lane from here to Luss and Tarbet, 16 miles north. You can walk or bike out and take the boat back.

Loch Lomond Shores is situated about half of a mile north of Balloch town, at the south end of Loch Lomond, 26 miles northwest of Glasgow. Google Map. Balloch is popular for the large boats that cruise Loch Lomond.

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Loch Lomond Shores History:

The pier at Loch Lomond Shores has been the main attraction on Loch Lomond since tourism escalated in the 1800s, with steamers departing from the pier.

Between 1818 and 1981, there were 22 Paddle Steamers operated on Loch Lomond.

1818 - the 60 ft wooden paddle steamer Marion is the first pleasure steamer on Loch Lomond.

1836 - Paddle Steamer Loch Lomond enters service on Loch Lomond, the first metal ship.

1850 - the train link is opened between Glasgow and Balloch increasing tourist numbers.

1953 - the Maid of the Loch paddle steamer enters service on Loch Lomond.

The maid of the Loch was the last and largest Paddle Steamer on Loch Lomond. It had to be built in sections in Glasgow, taken to Balloch by train, then built at Balloch.

1954 - Paddle Steamer Prince Edward is withdrawn from service.

1981 - the Maid of the Loch is withdrawn from service and laid up at Loch Lomond Shores.

Prince Edward & the Maid of the Loch were the last two paddle steamers on Loch Lomond.

1982 - MV Countess Fiona is the first of the diesel engine ships to operate on Loch Lomond.

1989 - MV Countess Fiona is withdrawn from service on Loch Lomond.

Sweeney Cruises based at Balloch have since been the main operator of Motor Vessels for cruises on Loch Lomond.

2000 - Maid of the Loch is restored to serve as a cafe / restaurant / party / wedding venue.

2002 - Loch Lomond Shores multi complex is completed.

2016 - funding is secured to restore the Maid of the Loch so it can again be used for cruises.

Loch Lomond Paddle Steamers List

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