Turnberry Golf Ailsa 10th


Below is a view of the 565 yard, par five, 10th, Dinna Fouter. This is another of the scenic Turnberry tees situated by the rocks. Any wind is normally from behind or left to right. This hole was changed in 2016 from a par 4 to a par 5 by moving the tee back, and the green out to where the old 11th tee used to be.

The image below was taken from a high spot 20 yards front left of the back tee. The line from the back tee is over the cave towards the monument on the hill, or just left of the monument towards the fairway bunkers. This is about a 250 yard carry to reach the fairway. The green is out by the rocks marked by a white line.


Below is a view of a pot bunker on the fairway. There is a huge bunker between here and the green that you can lay up before or after. A long shot at the green from here has to avoid going left onto the rocks.

Turnberry Golf 10th Fairway image

Below is a view from the back of the 10th green. The 10th back tee is situated next to the Lighthouse.

Turnberry Golf 10th Green image