Turnberry Ailsa 16th

Ailsa 16th Strokesaver

Below is a view from the tee of the 455 yard, par four, 16th, Wee Burn. This hole was remodeled for the 2009 Open with the tee moved back about 40 yards and the fairway moved about 40 yards left of where it used to be, leaving a more difficult angle into the green than before. The right hand side fairway bunker is 273 yards off the back tee.


Below is a view of the 16th green from where an ideal tee shot would finnish up, about 130 yards from the front of the green. Good conditions should allow short irons into the green. A southwesterly wind, that is common on this course, can lead to long irons into the green, or even fairway woods.


Below is a view of the 16th green showing there is not much chance of leaving yourself a straight put. Should you land in the burn, you are very unlikely to be able to play out. The deep burn all around the green shows it is a tough hole when into the wind. This is not a hole you want to be hitting long irons into the green. Apart from the burn, there is a bunker front left and thick rough all round the back.