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Arbroath is a town on the northeast coast of Scotland, 17 miles north of of Dundee, 54 miles south of Aberdeen.

Arbroath is popular for its large Abbey, Scenic Harbour, Signal Tower Museum, vast West Links Park Kids Play, Pictish Stones Museum, and Coastal Walk.

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The image top is of Arbroath Links Golf Club, situated 1 miles south of the town.

The image second top is of the Declaration of Arbroath monument on the south side of Arbroath. This is a letter sent from the Abbot of Arbroath Abbey to the Pope in 1320 in an attempt to have the Pope recognize Scotland as an independent country and help stop the wars between Scotland and England. The monument is the work of David Annand completed in 2001.

West Links Fun Park is at the south side of town with a good selection of activities for children of all ages.

Arbroath Harbour is situated between West Links and the town centre. This is a scenic harbour for colourful photo shots.

At the harbour is the Old Boatyard Restaurant and Gift Shop in a modern building.

The Signal Tower Museum is by the harbour. This building was completed in 1813 to be used as a shore station for the Bell Rock Lighthouse 11 miles offshore. The Tower was decommissioned in 1955 then converted to a museum in 1974 giving information on this unique Lighthouse and dangers to shipping in the area.

Arbroath High Street is a short walk north of the harbour, main street for shopping and cafes.

Arbroath Abbey is at the north end of the High Street. This Abbey was founded in 1178 by King William the Lion, becoming one of the largest and wealthiest Abbeys in Scotland.

Arbroath History

10,000 BC - the area around Arbroath is thought to have been inhabited.

800s - Pictish stones thought to be from this time are found at St Vigeans Church on the north side of Arbroath. There is a Museum by the church that displays 38 Pictish Stones.

1178 - Arbroath Abbey was founded by King William the Lion, leading to the town of Arbroath growing around it.

1320 - the Scottish Parliament met at Arbroath Abbey and sent a letter to the Pope known as the Declaration of Arbroath. This letter was to persuade the Pope to recognize Scotland as an independent country under King Robert the Bruce.

1394 - a harbour for fishing vessels is built for the Abbey.

1446 - the Battle of Arbroath took place between the Lindsay Clan and the Ogilvy Clan as they disputed who should be in control of justice on the vast Arbroath Abbey lands. Around 500 men died in the battle with no clear winner.

1560 - the Protestant Reformation lead to the Abbey being abandoned and falling into ruin. Catholic worship was banned at this time and Protestant Kings and Queens would be chosen before their Catholic relations.

1723 - the harbour at Arbroath was extended.

1745 - Arbroath was a Jacobite town with many men joining the attempt to have the Catholic Stuart's returned to the British throne. The towns harbour was used for ships transferring men and supplies.

1746 - the Jacobite defeat at the Battle of Culloden by Inverness ended the Jacobite rebellions.

1700s late - Arbroath grew around the production of Jute into rough cloth and sail cloth for ships. There were around 34 Jute mills in the area.

The town was also well known for manufacturing shoes and lawnmowers.

1839 - Arbroath Harbour was extended again to increase the fishing fleet. Around 40 fishing vessels were based at Arbroath at one time. Only a few fishing vessels use the harbour now.

The Arbroath Smokie is smoked haddock from the town well known throughout the UK.

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