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Arisaig is a Port Village 35 miles northwest of Fort William, 18 miles northwest of Glenfinnan, 8 miles south of Mallaig via the A830 road.

The Village is popular for its Land Sea and Islands Museum, Restaurant, Hotel, Marine Cafe, Sea Kayaking, Boat Trips, Walking Trails, and the Silver Sands of Morar Beach is 5 miles north.

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The image top is of the road down into Arisaig from the south side. There is another road down from the north side.

The Land Sea and Island Centre is at the south side of the Main Street, giving information on the Village history with many images, films, books and more.

The Village centre is about 200 yards from the Land Sea and Island Centre with a Restaurant and Shops.

Arisaig Sea Kayaking offers trips from the Bay at the Village centre for beginners and experienced Kayakers.

At the Village centre is the Czechoslovakian Special Operations Executive Training Memorial. This Memorial was erected in 2009 in honour of Czech and Slovak soldiers that trained here from 1941 to 1943 in Resistance, to operate behind Enemy Lines during World War Two.

The Arisaig Hotel is 100 yards north of the Village centre with a Restaurant.

Arisaig Marine Teahouse is across the road from the Arisaig Hotel at the Marina, also with a Gift Shop and great views over the Bay.

Arisaig Marine operate a Ferry Service from April to October to the Islands of Eigg, Muck and Rum.

Arisaig Marine also offer a range of Boat Trips and Charters for Wildlife, Hidden Beaches, Snorkeling, Paddle Boarding and more.

Walking Trails - there are a number in the area from Coastal to Mountains.

The Silver Sands of Morar Beach is 5 miles north, next to the main road up to Mallaig.

Loch Morar is close to the Beach, also worth a visit, deepest Loch in Scotland, also where you can find the grave of David Sterling, founder of the SAS, at Morar Village Church. Large Images of the Beach and Loch.

Arisaig History

700s - the Arisaig area was taken over by Vikings at a time they had also taken control of most Western Isles.

1000s - King Malcolm II of Scotland gained control of the Arisaig area through an agreement with the Vikings.

1100s - the Vikings took back control of the Arisaig Area with their descendants such as Clan MacDonald, Lords of the Isles, holding the area for some time.

1400s - Scottish Kings began installing Clans loyal to the King to keep the area and Islands under control.

1720 - the earliest parts of the Arisaig Hotel was built as a Coaching Inn.

The Village of Arisaig no doubt evolving at that time through farm workers and fishing.

1746 - there was a Naval Battle off Arisaig between British and French ships, as the French were landing Gold to help fund the Jacobite war. The Gold was taken inland to Loch Arkaig to be hidden, where it is said to remain to this day, with many people still looking for it. The French ships escaped the Battle.

Soon after the failed last Jacobite Rising of 1746, with the last Battle at Culloden by Inverness in April, many of the people from the Arisaig area emigrated to Canada, where they founded Arisaig in Nova Scotia in 1785.

1746 September - Prince Charlie departed Scotland for the last time from a spot 5 miles southeast of Arisaig, now marked by the Princes Cairn, next to the main road with a layby for parking at Loch nan Uamh, easy to miss, as I have done 4 times.

1820s - Ranald George Macdonald ran into financial difficulties, leading to him selling Arisaig.

Lord Cranstoun took over the area, claimed to be extremely cruel, leading to one of the largest Clearances of people in the Highlands to make way for large scale sheep farming and deer hunting for the rich.

1863 - Arisaig House was built for Francis Dukinfield Palmer Astley 2 miles southeast of Arisaig village.

1901 - the Fort William to Mallaig Railway was completed with the vast Glenfinnan Viaduct, also with a Station at Arisaig. This line was built as Malaig had become a top Sea Fishing village.

1935 - Arisaig House was severely damaged by Fire, rebuilt soon after.

1940s - Arisaig House was used for Special Operations Training during World War Two, mainly to train Europeans to work in Resistance against German forces throughout Europe.

2009 - a memorial to Czechoslovak soldiers that trained as Special Operation Executives from 1943 to 1945 was erected in Arisaig.

2021 - Arisaig House was put up for sale for over £2 million.

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