Beinn Ime and Bein Nairnan Hike

Where: Beinn Ime and Beinn Nairnan, by Arrochar at Loch Long in central Scotland
When: April 2013
Weather: Sunny
Height: Beinn Ime 3,316ft, 1,011m . Beinn Nairnan 3,038ft, 926m
Distance: ?

Beinn Ime and Beinn Nairnan are situated on the north side of Log Long at Arrochar village, 2 miles west of Tarbet at Loch Lomond, 36 miles northwest of the city of Glasgow.

The image below is from entering Arrochar from Tarbet. This view across Loch Long shows Beinn Nairnan right and the rocky 2,900ft Cobbler left. Beinn Ime is out beyond these two mountains. There is a track through between the Cobbler and Beinn Nairnan to Beinn Ime. Large Image

Glasgow to Arrochar Map

The Cobbler and Beinn Nairnan from Arrochar image

The image below is of the Arrochar Hotel on the south side of Loch Long with incredible views across the loch to the mountains.

Arrochar is a smallish village that winds its way around the top of Loch Long.

Arrochar Hotel image

The image below is from in front of the Arrochar Hotel looking across Loch Long to Beinn Nairnan left and the 2,785ft A'Chrois right.

The road round the top of Loch Long leads to the large car park for the hiking trails into the mountains.

Large Image

Beinn Nairnan and A'Chrois from Arrochar image

The image below is of the large car park on the north side of Loch Long for the hiking routes into the mountains. This is a pay car park costing about £3 per day.

On the road round from Arrochar, you will pass a car park at the top of the loch before reaching this one situated below Beinn Nairnan.

Beinn Ime and Beinn Nairnan car park image

The image below is of across the road from the car park showing the start of the trail into the Argyll Forest Park. This trail leads out to Beinn Ime between The Cobbler and Beinn Nairnan.

Many hikers try and hike Beinn Nairnan and Beinn Ime in the same day. Some even try to add The Cobbler, although that is a lot of hiking for one day.

Beinn Ime and Beinn Nairnan trail image

The image below is of Beinn Ime from the west at Butterbridge. There is a car park at the foot of this road named Butterbridge. Beinn Ime is sometimes hiked from this car park, or if you get dropped off at Arrochar and get picked up at Butterbridge. Using two cars can also allow you to hike from Arrochar to Butterbridge.

Beware, this route from Butterbridge will be rough going at the start in the lower ground, and have little or no trails to follow higher up.

Large Image

Beinn Ime from Butterbridge image

The Map below shows the route from Arrochar to Beinn Ime, Beinn Nairnan, A'Chrois, The Cobbler and some other cracking mountains. There are so many good looking mountains here with so many different routes that can be taken.

Some of the mountains here can be hiked from the Rest and Be Thankful.

Make sure and take an Ordnance Survey Map and Compass on these hikes, and know how to use them, as in cloud, these mountains can be deadly. In Winter, make sure you have Crampons and an Ice Axe, and know how to use them.

Hill Walking Map .

Beinn Ime and Beinn Nairnan Photo Tour to Top

Beinn Ime Photo Tour from Butterbridge

Arrochar Photo Tour

Beinn Ime Map image