Beinn Narnain Hike

The 3,038ft, 926m Beinn Nairnan is situated on the north side of Loch Long at Arrochar village, 2 miles west of Tarbet at Loch Lomond, 36 miles northwest of the city of Glasgow.

The image below is from Arrochar looking across Loch Long showing Beinn Narnain right and the rocky 2,900ft Cobbler left. Beinn Ime is out beyond these two Mountains. There is a track through between the Cobbler and Beinn Nairnan to Beinn Ime.

You can take the Tough Trail straight up through the Trees, follow the Tourist Trail to just above the Trees then cut across to the Tough Trail, or go right up the Tourist Trail past The Cobbler and up the Tourist Trail from the back.

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Beainn Narnain Routes

The image below is of the Arrochar Hotel on the south side of Loch Long with incredible views across the Loch to the Mountains.

Arrochar is a smallish Village that winds its way around the top of Loch Long.

Arrochar Hotel image

The image below is of the large Car Park on the north side of Loch Long right next to the Hiking Routes into the Mountains. This is a Pay Car Park costing about £1 per hour, Pay by Coins, Card, or Phone. There is another large Pay Car Park a few Hundred yards east at the head of the Loch.

This is the first section of Beinn Narnain above the Car Park.

Beinn Ime and Beinn Nairnan car park image

The image below is of across the road from the Car Park and Bus Stop showing the Start of the Trail into the Argyll Forest Park. This Trail leads out to Beinn Ime between The Cobbler and Beinn Narnain. Regular Buses run between Glasgow and Arrochar.

Only a short Walk up this Path is a real narrow Trail to the right up through the Trees, that is the Tough Direct Route to Beinn Narnain, can be muddy in the rain. Large Image of the narrow Path Start.

Beinn Narnain Trail

If you go up the Tourist Trail, as soon as you clear the Trees, you can hike over to the Tough Route from here, or just go up the Tourist Trail all the way for a safer Hike. A young woman said this is her preferred route, she was heading for the Scramble route up the Cobbler.

Large Image of the Tough Route over there.

Beinn Narnain Tough Trail

The Image below is from the Cobbler showing the Tough Trail up Beinn Narnain, in three sections. There is a Scramble Section up to the Summit that is fairly tough, and over a bit of a High Drop.

Large Image of the Top Scramble Section.

Beinn Narnain Tough

The Image below is also from the Cobbler showing the Tourist Trail on the Northwest side of Beinn Narnain, a lot safer route, most people go back down this route, or down that way and out to Beinn Ime.

The main Trail up between the Mountains is about 2,000ft here, so about 1,300ft up to Beinn Ime.

Large Image of the Tourist Trail up Beinn Narnain, fairly steep.

Large Image from Beinn Narnain out to Beinn Ime should you want to add that mountain to the Hike.

Beinn Narnain Tourist Trail

Large Image back down through the Woodland Path to Arrochar.

The Map below shows the routes from Arrochar to Beinn Ime, Beinn Narnain, A'Chrois, The Cobbler and some other cracking Mountains. There are so many good looking Mountains here with so many different routes that can be taken.

Some of the Mountains here can be hiked from the Rest and Be Thankful or Inveruglas.

Make sure and take an Ordnance Survey Map and Compass on these Hikes, and know how to use them, as in cloud, these Mountains can be deadly. In Winter, make sure you have Crampons and an Ice Axe, and know how to use them.

Blue Dots are Tourist Trails, Brown - Faint Trails or Safe Scrambling, Red - Steep Scrambling or Dangerous Sections.

Hill Walking Map

50 Large Images up the Rocky South Side of Beinn Narnain and back down the Tourist Trail.

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Beinn Ime Map image