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Ben Nevis Distillery

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Ben Nevis Distillery is situated on the north side of Fort William, below Ben Nevis Mountain.

The Distillery is open for visits most of the year with a Cafe / Bar, Shop, and Tours. Postcode: PH33 6TJ.

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The image top is of the Ben Nevis Whisky Distillery with Ben Nevis Mountain behind.

The second image is of the Visitor Centre with a display of Whisky.

The third image is of the Cafe / Bar where you can relax and sample some Whisky.

Ben Nevis Distillery produces Single Malt Whisky from 9 to 26 years, about £40 to £2,500 per bottle.
Ben Nevis Whisky Range.

The Distillery also produces Blended Whisky such as the Nevis Dew from about £17 per bottle.

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Ben Nevis Distillery History

1825 - Ben Nevis Distillery was founded by Long John McDonald, 6 ft 4in tall, claimed to be a descendant of MacDonald's that ruled the Western Isles.

1955 - the Distillery was taken over by Joseph Hobbs, with it then being used to produce Malt and Grain Whisky.

Joseph Hobbs had moved with his family from England to Canada in 1904, to run a ranch in the Calgary area. During the US Prohibition (1920-33), when selling alcohol in the US was illegal, Hobbs began smuggling Spirits across Lake Ontario into the US.

The Great Depression in the US and Canada led to Hobbs returning to the UK in the 1920s. He then began investing in the Whisky trade in Scotland, taking over Ben Nevis, Bruichladdich, Glenury, Glenkinchie, and Hillside Distilleries.

1981 - Whitbread & Co took control of the Ben Nevis Distillery.

1989 - the Japanese company Nikka Japan took control of the Ben Nevis Distillery, leading to about one-third of the Spirit being exported to Japan to be used in their Nikka Black blend.

1991 - the Visitor Centre and Cafe was opened.

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