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Ben Nevis Hike

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The 1,345m /4,413ft Ben Nevis Mountain is 2 miles southeast of Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland, 110 miles north of Glasgow, 138 miles northwest of Edinburgh. Postcode: PH33 6PF

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The Ben Nevis Visitor Centre has information on the Main Trail to Ben Nevis and Walks in the area.

Over the Bridge at the Visitor Centre is the Start of the Ben Nevis Main Trail.

The Trail from the Bridge leads up past the Ben Nevis Inn, a popular place for drinks and food on the road back. There is also the smaller Achintee Road Car Park by the Inn that holds about 30 cars.

The lower section of the Ben Nevis Main Trail is a Stone Step Path, all the way up to about 2,000ft.

The Lower Section has a few scenic spots, past rocks and trees.

The Mid Section passes the Half Way Loch then crosses to the right past the Red Burn Waterfalls, the easiest part, gives a good rest before the tougher ZigZags.

The Red Burn Waterfalls are regarded as the half way point, popular for a stop and filling up you water bottles.

The ZigZags start just past the Waterfalls, tough hiking with a few Boulder Fields to get through, sore on the feet if you don't have boots with thick soles.

There are 10 ZigZags over 2,000ft, toughest part of the hike.

You reach a Large Cairn at the top of the ZigZags, from where it is a long way out to the Summit Cairn, still with a couple of little steep sections as well.

It takes between 4 and 6 hours to get to the top, depending on how fit you are.

Once you reach to Summit Cairn, you find a number of Buildings to explore, from 1883 to 1904, scientists lived in these Buildings and worked in the Observatory recording weather conditions.

When looking north, you will see the next Mountain named Carn Mor Dearg at 4,000ft, with a Narrow Ridge round to that named Carn Mor Dearg Arete, a route only for hikers with a head for heights as is fairly dangerous. Large Image of the Ridge.

The same route back down is a long way, taking between 3 and 4 hours, and the steps on the bottom 2,000ft are tough on the knees.

The Ben Nevis Inn offers a good selection of Drinks and Meals, and the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre has soft drinks and ice cream.

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