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Bettyhill is situated on the north coast of Scotland, 40 miles east of Durness, 50 miles west of John O Groats in the area known as Sutherland.

Bettyhill is popular for its Hotel with sea views, Inn, two Beaches, and Museum. Postcode: KW14 7SP

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The image top is of the the Village Car Park, War Memorial, and Playing Field.

The Bettyhill Hotel sits high above Torrisdale Bay with great views.

Farr Beach is on the east side of the village, often with waves ideal for surfing.

The Farr Bay Inn is close to Farr Beach.

The Strathnaver Museum is just west of Farr Beach by the Farr Bay Inn. The Museum covers the History of the Area, Clan Mackay, and Highland Clearances.

Torrisdale Bay with a vast beach is on the west side of the Village. This beach can only be reached by a fairly long walk. Walk Information.

Bettyhill History

1300s - Clan Mackay were the largest landowners in the area.

The area held many Crofters with the Village here on the coast known as Farr.

1774 - Farr Church was built.

1800s early - Clan Mackay sold much of their land to the Countess of Sutherland.

1800s early - the Countess of Sutherland began clearing Crofters from the land to make way for large scale sheep and crop farming.

1800s early - the earliest parts of Bettyhill Village were built for Elizabeth Leveson-Gower / Countess of Sutherland next to Farr. The village was named after Elizabeth.

Many Crofters were encouraged to move to coastal villages to try and live off the sea by fishing. Others were forced south into large towns and cities, or even to emigrate to America and Canada.

1819 - Bettyhill Hotel was completed.

Today - the road around the north of Scotland passing through Bettyhill is known as the North Coast 500 with vast numbers of cars, motorbikes, and camper vans traveling around all year for the amazing views and beaches.

The North Coast 500 route was launched in 2015 by the North Highland Initiative, exceeding all expectations of how popular it would become.

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