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Bidean nam Bian & Stob Coire Sgreamhach

The 3,770ft, 1,150m Bidean nam Bian and 3,517ft, 1,072m Stob Coire Sgreamhach are 5 miles east of Glencoe village, 87 miles northwest of Glasgow.

The image right is from the A82 road looking at the east side of the Bidean nam Bian range. The large car park for the mountain is just down and round the corner.

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The Glasgow to Fort William & Skye bus passes here but the closest stop is at the Glencoe Visitor Centre 4 miles west.

The main car park for this hike is the one with the large cairn where the tour buses stop, as seen right. There are other car parks close by should this one be full.

The images 3rd and 4th down show the car park with the rocky Bidean nam Bian range. The 3 mountains here over 3,000ft are the ones out in the distance, past the two peaks closest to the car park.

The main hiking route is to make your way from this car park to the good path up between the two peaks, up past a number of waterfalls, turn right close to the top of the waterfalls just before the box waterfall, go up around the buttress/cliffs, and onto the the summit of Stob Coir Nan Lochan.

The scrambling route is go straight up past all the waterfalls, past the left side of three lochans, and up the steep northeast ridge of Stob Coir Nan Lochan. This mountain is not classed as a Munro as it is next to Bidean nam Bian.

The route is then over to Bidean nam Bian via a steep ridge, then round to Stob Coire Sgreamhach via a fairly straight forward ridge.

The route back down is go back to the low point between Bidean nam Bian and Stob Coire Sgreamhach, then down the really steep Red Scree Gully.

Finally, walk along the Lost Valley back to the car park. This valley is where the MacDonald's hid their stolen cattle.

The Red Scree Gully can have snow and ice in it in spring and early summer, so you may have to go back down the main route up.

Hikers with limited experience should only hike these really rugged mountains in clear weather and avoid snow and ice conditions.

Make sure and take an Ordnance Survey Map and Compass on these hikes, and know how to use them, as in cloud, these mountains can be deadly. In Winter, make sure you have Crampons and an Ice Axe, and know how to use them.

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Bidean nam Bian
Bidean nam Bian
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