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Coldstream is a town in the Borders region in southeast Scotland, 48 miles southeast of Edinburgh on the north side of the River Tweed, right on the Border with England.

Coldstream is popular for its Bridge where you can walk across into England, Museum, Marjoriebanks Monument, Hirsel Estate on the west side of town for Scenic Walks, Arts & Crafts, Cafe and Museum, Flodden Battlefield 4 miles southeast, and a number of scenic Walks.

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The image top is of Coldstream Bridge leading into England, completed in 1767. Many tour buses drop tourists off at one side so as to let them walk across into the other country. There was a Marriage House by the Bridge in the 1700s and 1800s for runaway weddings, similar to Gretna Green.

The second image is of the Marjoriebanks Monument by the River Tweed on the east side of the town centre, a Scottish Liberal politician from 1832 to 1833.

Henderson Park is in the town centre next to the High Street with great views over the River Tweed, and east towards the Bridge. The Memorial at the Park was erected in 1960 to mark the 300th anniversary of the Coldstream guards.

The stone Memorial in the Park was presented to the Coldstream Guards on the day they received the freedom of the Burgh, 10th August 1968.

The Clock Tower is just off the High Street, across the road from Henderson Park. The Clock Tower now serves as a Sports Bar. This building was constructed in 1846 to be used as a Free Church, with the Clock Tower added in 1891.

The Parish Church is in the middle of the High Street, built in 1718.

The Newcastle Arms Hotel is next to the Parish Church.

The Coldstream War Memorial is across the road from the Newcastle Arms Hotel.

The Castle Hotel is on the west end of the High Street.

The scenic Coldstream Market Square is down behind the Parish Church following Market Street. This is where the Coldstream Guards departed from in 1660 to march on London to restore the Stuart Monarchy.

The Coldstream Museum is at the Market Square giving information on the Town and the Coldstream Guards.

Hirsel Golf Club is on the west side of the Town, with visitors welcome. The Club was founded in 1948.

Hirsel Estate is on the west side of the Town with about a one mile walk /drive from the main road. The Estate is popular for Walks, Pond, Craft Shop, Cafe, and Museum.

Hirsel Estate was once owned by the Home Family with the most famous member being Alec Douglas-Home, 14th Earl, who was Prime Minister in 1963.

The Statue of Alex Douglas-Home is at the entrance to Hirsel Estate, created by the sculptor Professor Bill Scott in 1998.

Flodden Battlesite is situated about 4 miles southeast of Coldstream. This was claimed to be the Largest Battle between Scotland and England with about 50,000 troops involved. The English won the Battle with the Scots King killed in combat.

With Coldstream being on the Border with England, it was caught up in almost every War between Scotland and England, said to have been destroyed at least twice.

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