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The Famous Grouse Glenturret Whisky Distillery is situated 20 miles west of Perth, 2 miles northwest of Crieff.

This Distillery can be visited throughout the year free of charge for the shop, bar diner and cafe. There are also a number of Tours that can be taken ranging in price. Postcode: PH7 4HA

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The image top is of the Glenturret Distillery. The second image is of the Famous Grouse statue in the car park.

The Distillery has a large shop with a vast range of Whisky from this Distillery and its many Sister Distilleries, a Bar Lounge, and a Cafe with a Terrace.

By the Shop is a Statue of Towser the Cat that lived at the Distillery from 1963 to 1987, credited with catching around 29,000 mice.

Glenturret Distillery History

1660 - Excise duty was introduced so anyone producing alcohol would have to pay Taxes.

1717 - an unregistered Distillery was operating in this area so as not to pay taxes.

1818 - the Glenturret Distillery was opened under the name Hosh, with the owner being John Drummond. This has been claimed to be the Oldest Distillery in Scotland, although a few other Distillers have disputed this.

Drummond Castle is situated 4 miles south of the Distillery, not sure if there is a connection between the Castle and Distillery.

1845 - the Distillery was taken over by John McCallum.

1875 - Thomas Stewart gained control of the Distillery, changing the name to Glenturret.

1939 - the Distillery was closed during WWII.

1945? - the Distillery was re-opened by the Mitchell Brothers.

1921 - the Great Depression in America led to the Distillery closing again.

1957 - the Distillery was re-opened by James Fairlie.

1981 - Cointreau gained control.

1990 - Highland Distillers took over. This company is well known for its famous Whisky's such as the Famous Grouse blended, The Macallan single malt, and Highland Park single malt.

Highland Distillers opened the Famous Grouse Experience with the shop, bar diner, cafe, and tours.

For a list of all Distillers in Scotland that can be visited, view the page. Whisky Distillers.

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