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Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow

The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow information, website, large image, telephone number, postcode and links to reviews and a map.

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Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow centre by George Square.

20 Large Images of the Gallery of Modern Art exterior and interior.

The Gallery of Modern Art building in Glasgow was originally build as a townhouse for William Cunninghame of Lainshaw, a wealthy Glasgow Tobacco Lord. The building is in Royal Exchange Square, the heart of Glasgow city centre.

The house was converted to an art gallery in 1996 to serve as the main gallery of contemporary art in Glasgow. GoMA now displays works of Glasgow artists that live and work in the city, as well as collecting and borrowing work that highlights the interests, influences, and working methods of artists from around the world.

The building interior just has to be viewed for its Great Hall and Staircase with the buidlings story and photos over 200 years.

The statue in front of the building is of the Duke of Wellington, erected in 1844. Some students, after a night out, placed a traffic cone on the statues head in the mid 1980s, creating a great deal of interest, and led to the statue becoming one of the top photo shots in the world. Although the cone has been by removed by the police a few times, another has taken its place within days.

Gallery of Modern Art Google Map . Postcode: G1 3AH. Tel: 0141 287 3050. FREE Admission

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The Gallery of Modern Art is situated in Royal Exchange Square, the most scenic part of Glasgow centre with many cafes, bar/diners and restaurants.

The buildings in this area are some of the most impressive in the city, that have to be viewed, such as the Art Gallery itself, and the City Chambers building looking over George Square, that you can take free tours of inside.

The Corinthian Building, built in 1842 as a bank on Ingram Street, 100 yards east of the Art Gallery, now serves as a club with a bar, restaurants, nightclub, and casino, claimed to be the most ornate building in the city. Pop in for a drink and have a look around.

The Counting House was a Bank of Scotland building built in 1870, overlooking George Square, about 100 yards right in this image. The Counting House was converted to a J D Wetherspoon bar/diner in 1996. You can enjoy inexpensive meals and drinks while viewing the splendour of the interior.

See also Glasgow Buildings for more infromation and images.

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