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Genealogy Scotland allows you to post messages to try and find relatives.

You can post a message on this page that may allow someone to respond to your message with information that may give details of relatives, past or present. Messages are best to contain place names and not be too long.

You should use an email that you can change easily, not your main email, so if any companies start using the email from your posting to try and sell you their goods, spam, you can simply change that email address.

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Baird McAlister / Glasgow / 10. 02. 2023

I would be pleased to receive any information about the parents, siblings, or any other details, regarding my GreatGrandfather John Baird McAlister, who was born on 27 August 1842 in Glasgow. His wife, Mary Turnbull was born on 2 April 1845 at Melrose. All the information I have follows their emigration to New Zealand, where he married Mary on 14 December 1869 and raised their family in Tapanui, West Otago. Any assistance would be appreciated. Ron Julius, email: ronjulius2014@gmail.com

Kelly Family / Glasgow / 05. 10. 2019

Hi looking for the Kelly family settled in Glasgow Lanarkshire, a Duncan Kelly born 1826 father was Danl Kelly 1795 born Donegal Ireland and wife was Agnus Kelly nee dove, who died around 1826, any clues I have hit a brick wall, regards Iris Oneill, email: irisoneill5@gmail.com

Fulton family history / 27. 09. 2018

I am researching my family forbears and in particular Andrew Creelman Fulton born about 1801 in Glasgow, married to Mary Alexander born 1800 in Fintry S/shire, Scotland. Andrew married Mary on 23 March 1851 at Cowcaddens, Barony, Scotland. He died 15 December 1859 in Glasgow. Andrew was a rope maker in Glasgow. His parents were Robert Fulton, born 1775 and died 1859, and janet Creelman, born 1779 and died 1859. One of Andrew's sons was Robert Fulton, the famous pigeon judge and breeder of his day. Robert wrote the books of pigeons and bulldogs. If there are any connections of his family that see this, I would like to make contact. I plan to visit Glasgow and surround early next year to do some more research. Geoffrey Fulton E: thearchitect@internode.on.net

Gilliland Ancestors in Scotland / 29. 09. 2017

Hi my name is Joanne Marie Weiser Gilliland. My husband’s father is Patton Miles Gilliland [4/13/1934] of Hubbard Ohio USA. His father is Henry Abner and his father was William Wood. I think Robert comes next but not sure We heard that there was originally 6 or 7 Gilliland brothers who were born in Scotland but migrated to Ireland before immigrating to the Pennsylvania area in USA around mid 1880’s I am trying to fit our family into one of the clan brothers but keep hitting a wall Would love some immigration information Thanks so much Joanne: mzzbigguy3373@aol.com

Cassidy Family / Stevenston & Glasgow / 23. 04. 2017

I am looking for information on my GreatGreat Grandfather and his family. They immigrated from Enniskillen, Ireland to Stevenston in Scotland where he died on the 21st Feb 1880. I believe his widow Ann continued to live in Scotland. His three sons Charles P, Michael and Edward J along with their sister Rose Ann immigrated to the United State around 1860. I have found an address of 41 Old Vennal, Lanarkshire, Glasgow College where I believe they settled according to 1851 Scotland Census. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Email Michael Cassidy: fcmikec84@gmail.com

ORR Family 23. 01. 2017

I am searching for relatives of the children of Thomas Orr and Christina (McCluskey) Orr, who emigrated to Canada around 1900. Their children were Thomas, Daniel, Christina, Jane Helen, Nellie and John Orr. They settled in the Deer Lodge area of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Two of the children passed away at a young age and John died in WW1 serving with the Winnipeg Rifles. Both parents, Thomas (pre 1916) and Christina (1936) passed away in Winnipeg. Daughter, Christina passed away in Winnipeg on 12 May 1962. Daughter, Jane Helen passed away in Winnipeg on 3 September 1969. Son, Daniel passed away in Huntwood, Shotts, Scotland on 7 December 1974. That is as much as I have been able to discover of the family. My grandmother, nee McGregor and her husband John Macdonald came to Winnipeg, Canada at the same time as the Orr's and possibly on the same boat. As a youngster I can remember meeting one of them but that was a long time ago. I would love to be able share information with any of Christina, Jane Helen, or Daniel's descendants. Sincerely Gerry Muma.

Daniel died at Huntwood Road, Huntwood, Shotts. Their parents Thomas Orr and Christina (McCluskey) Orr were married on 23 February 1880 in Albert Road Church, Glasgow, which is the same area from which my grandparents came. Christina was born 5 January 1881 in Hutchisontown, Lanark. Daniel was born 27 February 1885 in Killin, Perthshire. He would have lived close to Shotts, I believe. Jane Helen was born in 1888 in Kinkillin, Perthshire. John was born 10 June 1889 in Killin, Perthshire. Email: bevgermuma@gmail.com .

Margaret Alexander 20. 01. 2017

I have a sampler stitched in 1848 by my Great, Great Grandmother from Lady H Blair's School. Her name was Margaret Alexander. She emigrated to Pennsylvania in the U.S. around 1865. I am searching for information about her ancestors. Any information would be appreciated.My contact is William Getty: wgetty@yahoo.com .

Craig Grant / Ayrshire & Glasgow 16. 01. 2016

Searching for Craig Grant son of John Grant who lived in Ayrshire and may have moved to Glasgow. You came to Tacoma Washington, USA as an exchange student. I would love to hear from you again. I saw a picture of you playing football in front of a large crowd, possibly Glasgow Rangers. Email: Joananelson@msn.com .

Sinclair Family / Ayrshire & Glasgow 05. 01. 2016

I am searching for connections on the Sinclair side of the family. An aunt, Sarah Sinclair Gray (husband William) appears to have lived in the Ayrshire area and passed in 2002. Her sister Christina Sinclair Cornock also seems to have a connection (husband Robert Cornock). Their parents were Sarah Preston & John Sinclair (Glasgow). Years ago I met some of the family who visited Canada but it seems contact was lost. I'd appreciate any help in filling in the missing pieces to our family tree. Kind Regards Kim. Email: horsemom91@rogers.com .

James Bradford / Whithorn 30. 10. 2015

I am trying to locate and info on my Bradford family originally from Scotland. I have lots of info on the family after they arrived in the United States, but only have vague undocumented stories. His name is James Bradford born 1743 or 1744 in Whithorn, Dumfries and Gallows, Scotland. He married and had all his children with Jenett McMillen born in 1750. DEATH 2 AUGUST 1821 • Florida, Montgomery County, New York, United States of America. Email: nursemcrum@verizon.net.

MacIntyre Castle 10. 04. 2015

My wife's family originates from the MacIntyre family name and her great grandparents apparently died in a boating accident off the shores of the loch near their castle in the mid to late 1800's. My wife is trying to source more information about this incident and her family kinsfolk that might still be residing in that area as well as what the name of the castle was. My wife's name is Rhonda Novlyn Knott (now Knott-Twine). Stephen Twine/Cape Town/South Africa. Email: spotpro@gmail.com.

Crawfords of Kilfinan 09. 10. 2014

Through DNA we have been able to trace our Scottish lineage back to Hugh Crawford b. 1742 in Stralachlan, Argyllshire (Cowal). My great grandfather, Dougald, was Hugh's son and he married Catherine McCallum. Dougald is somehow connected with Tighnabruaich. They emigrated to Canada between 1851 and 1854 (based on one child born in Kilfinan in 1851 and the next child born in Ontario, Canada in 1854) but I cannot find the ship they travelled on. Dougald worked for the railroad when he first came to Canada and then farmed when his wife's brother George McCallum gave the couple his farm in Dover Twp. Any information regarding Hugh Crawford of Stralachlan would be greatly appreciated as I would love to connect to the rest of the family in Scotland. Thanks in advance! Janet Petrak (nee Crawford) Email: janetpetrak@peii.org.

FULTON FAMILY 27. 03. 2014

I am researching my forbears and in particular Andrew Creelman Fulton born about 1801 in Glasgow , married Mary Alexander (born 1800 in Fintry S/shire. Scotland) who died 9 June 1863 in Glasgow. Andrew marri9ed Mary on 23 March 1851 at Cowcaddens, Barony, Scotland. He died 15 Dec 1859 in Glasgow. Andrew was a rope merchant in Glasgow. His parents were Robert Fulton , born 1775 and died 1859, and Janet Creelman, born 1779 and died 1859. One of Andrew's son was Robert Fulton, the famous pigeon judge and breeder of his day Robert wrote the books of Pigeons and Bulldogs. If there are any connections of this family that see this, I would like to make contact. Geoffrey Fulton / Australia Email: thearchitect@internode.on.net.

McCubbin family 05. 11. 2013

Doing some research on the McCubbin family: my husband is Grant McCubbin. His father was Earl Percival McCubbin, born in Montreal, Cda in the 20's. I'm still trying to get more info..but believe Earl's mother immigrated to Canada from Scotland. My husband had thought the McCubbins had come from Ireland until I started to do some research. I do know that McCubbins have been immigrating to Canada - various parts - the US and Aus since the 1700's. At this point I'd like to just connect with a McCubbin in the area - then we can go from there. My daughter and I are visiting Scotland and England in February 2014 and we'd love to do some 'in person' research! I've already connected with at least one of MY ancestors (Risbey) in NE England. Thanks!! Christine McCubbin Email: gcmccubbin@shaw.ca.

McWhorter/McWhirter Family 07. 03. 2013

ALEXANDER McWHORTER was born 1586 in Clyde, Edinburgh, Scotland (Immigrant to Ireland). He died 1641 in Ulster Co, Cavan, Baillieborough, Ireland (Moved from Clyde, Scotland to Ireland around 1600.). When he was 18, He married an unknown spouse 1604 in Armagh, Armagh Co, near Monaghan, Ireland. ALEXANDER McWHORTER and [unknown spouse] had the following known child: * ALEXANDER McWHORTER II ALEXANDER McWHORTER II was thought to be born in 1620 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He died 1641 in Ireland. His wife was Sally Cox born about 1615 in Armagh, Armagh Co. We don't know anything else about Sally Cox.. Parents, death date, etc. We only know about one child they had.. Alexander McWhorter III (1641 - 1773). I am sure there must have been other children... any record of them? If you have any information on the two Alexander McWhorters above (our 9th & 10th grandfathers) or their families, we would greatly appreciate knowing about it. It would be very valuable if you could locate any documents on Alexander McWhorter (1586 - 1641) or information that shows. 1. Records on his wife's name, birth, death, parents .anything 2. Records on other children they may have had and any info on them 3. Where he was buried and pictures of his grave and wife's grave 4. Where they lived, etc., etc. Thank you for any help you can provide. You can contact us at Email: dx_payne@hotmail.com.

William S. Kirkwood 27. 02. 2013

I am looking for any information on my distant relatives on my Mothers side. I do not have much information but what I have is listed below: Descendants of William Kirkwood 1. William Kirkwood was born in Scotland. He married Margaret Drysdale., November 22, 1851 in Lasswade Midlothian, Scotland. Child of William Kirkwood and Margaret Drysdale is: William Scott Kirkwood, b. June 10, 1857 Tranquair, Peebles Scottland. Generation No. 2 2. William Scot Kirkwood (William) was born June 10 1857 i th n Traguair, Peebles, Scottland. He married Mary Moit. She was born January 1856 in Scotland and died between 1900-1910 in New York. Notes for William Scot Kirkwood: William was naturalized on 6/24/1892 in Manhattan NY. He listed his former nationality as English. A man by the name of John Morris, at the same address where William resided witnessed his application. In 1910, William (listed as head of household) indicated that he was widowed. He continued to reside at 82 Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY. His daughter, Mary, his son-in-law, Edward Starbuck, and his grand-daughther Mary resided with him as well. William, age 29 when he immigrated to the US from England. He immigrated on 5/4/1886, on year before his wife and kids. More About William Scot Kirkwood. Immigration: May 3 1886, Liverpool, England on Ship "Italy" to the NY Port. Naturalization: June 24, 1892, Common Pleas Court NY County NY Occupation: June 1892 Plasterer NYC NY Residence:1892 82 Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY. Notes for Mary Moit: According to the 1900 US Federal Census, Mary had given birth to 6 Children, three of which, (Mae, George, Gilbert) were still alive in 1900. Immigration: March 7, 1887 From Liverpool England, to NY on the Germanic (age30) Residence: 1881 29 Hilmer Street London, Middlesex England. Children of William Kirkwood and Mary Moit are: Mary Kirkwood b, May 1890 NY George Kirkwood, b. December 8, 1880 Fulham Middlesex England Gilbert Scot Kirkwood b July 1883 England; d bet 1920-1930 NY Eliza Kirkwood b Dec 08 1880 Fulham Middlesex England d; England Notes: Eliza Kirkwood was the twin sister of George. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. I would like to go even further back. Where in Scotland is Midlothian? etc... Thank you for any help. Rick Montes Email: rickmontes@verizon.net.

Mary-Jo Davies 20. 10. 2012

Peter Ralston & Jane Esdon & 5 sons from eaglesham, renfrewshire in 1768 to 1820. Sons & mom came to Canada about 1820, Sorrel, Que. John, Peter, Robert, William, Archibald, are the sons names. Dad Peter's parent's may be John & Janet Ralston. Email: mjexpress@hotmail.com.

Boswell/ Mclaren 17. 05. 2012

Please can anyone assist me. Looking for ancestors of both James Boswell and Mary Mclaren who were married in Scotland in 1841 prior to emigrating to New Zealand in 1842 on the Duchess of Argyle which arrived in Auckland in October 1842. They may have married in Aberdeenshire but not sure as I understand they may have run away to get wed as James was Mary's family's coachman and her father disapproved of the union and cut her off. One of Mary's sisters may have married a Craig but I have virtually no other information on Mary's siblings or her parent's Thank you Marion, Email: marbri@xtra.co.nz.


I am researching the FAIRLIE/FERLIE/FERLEY family. JAMES FAIRLIE/FERLIE (born 1787, died 849) married ISABELLA RUSSELL (born 1774 or 1779) in Larbert, Stirlingshire. James was an Engine Keeper in a colliery. The family moved from Stirlingshire to Ayrshire and settled there. If anyone else is researching this family line or has information about them I would appreciate hearing from you. Contact me at: debbie2001s@hotmail.com.

Barr/Lamont, Rothsay-Isle of Bute & Lochwinnoch 24. 10. 2011

I'm looking for information about Allan Barr, husband of Christina Lamont, married in Rothesay, Bute 1856 where they later had a son John. Their eldest child, Barbara, may have been born in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire. They immigrated to Canada, and are found in the 1861 Montreal census. A son, Francis, was born in Canada. They appear to be in the Philadelphia area of the United States by 1863, having another son, Allan, around 1867. Allan and Christina are buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Graveyard in Ardmore, PA next to Christina's sister, Margaret Lamont, and Margaret's husband, Peter McCallum. Allan appears to be the son of John Barr and Jane Gilmour of Beith, but I don't have any proof just yet. Allan's brother Francis moved to Australia, but I don't know about the rest. There were two other brothers, David and Matthew, and half-siblings, Janet, John and William. A descendent of Matthew indicated there was a a brother Allan who moved to Philadelphia and had worked as a gardener in Scotland. Does anyone know anything about this Allan Barr and about the Barrs of Beith? I'd like to know if they are connected and anything else about the family. Email: jdavidbarr@yahoo.com.

George Hunter Ralston, Glasgow 23. 10. 2011

I would like to know George Ralston's family background in Scotland. George Hunter Ralston was Born 1840-1850s Glasgow. Recorded on marriage and death certificates as.. Father..George Ralston.. Sea Captain..Mother..Georgina Calcart or Culcart. George Hunter Ralston had a draper shop in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia, it was dissolved bankrupt in 1869. George Hunter Ralston married Ellen Park at Murrurundi NSW Australia in 1875. 3 sons born The middle name Hunter passed to their eldest son. Ellen disappeared with no death record in 1881. Possibly died in child birth. George Hunter Ralston met Johanna(Joanna) Nutsford in the mid 1880s and had 7 more children. They moved to Wagga Wagga NSW in 1890. George and Johanna married in January 1911. George died in July 1911, he is buried in Wagga Wagga cemetery. Johanna Ralston died in Sydney in 1954, she is buried in the Eastern Suburbs Cemetery. Jenny Coyle. Email: coyle.r@bigpond.com.

Margaret MacFarlane, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire 17. 10. 2011

Margaret MacFarlane was born about 1809 in Lochgilphead, Argyllshire, Scotland. She died after 1851. She married Joseph Greatorex who was a private soldier in the 12th Lancers of 1834 & 1837. They had the following children: F i Sarah Greatorex was christened on 3 Aug 1834 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. F ii Elizabeth Greatorex M iii Robert Greatorex was born about 1836 in Newbridge, Kildare, Ireland. M iv John Joseph Greatorex was christened on 24 Dec 1837 in Hounslow, London, England. F v Catherine Greatorex was born about 1841 in Dublin, Ireland. M vi George Greatorex was born about 1843 in Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Elizabeth Greatorex married William Nichol and one of their children stanley nichol was my grandfather and my father is Royce Greatorix Nichol. Ay information on this family will be appreciated, Penney Facini. Email: pfacini@iinet.net.au.

Janet Goldie / Lanark 09. 10. 2011

Janet Goldie, mother Elizabeth, father Matthew Goldie, mason. Information from death certificate. Birth 1808, family Bible entry. Mother surname probably Ferguson. First daughter's name Elizabeth Ferguson Blair. Janet followed Scottish naming system, fits for all but one child. I have all information from 1841 marriage, to descendants present day, but can find nothing at all pre 1841. Her marriage banns were called in Loudoun, and Lanark. I have copies of both certificates. I strongly suspect she and her family were Free Church, but can't find any of that church's records. An 1841 census for Dunlop is the only Janet Goldie in the entire country that seems to fit, but can find no trace of any of the people mentioned in that census. Any help greatly appreciated. Janet has been driving us nuts for three years. She's my 2X great grandmother. Thank you, Linda Oliver. Email: biddymcsquiggle@gmail.com.

Alexander Ochiltree born 1720, Renfrew 03. 10. 2011

I am searching for a paternal ancestor: Alexander Ochiltree born ca 1720, sent to America 1747, killed by Cornstalk Indians in Donally's Fort VA 1775. Father: Alexander Alan Ochiltree born 1700 Mother: Marion Euing Born in Renfrew Scotland. This information has been submitted to the LDS Family Search Program.. I would like as much information as possible as I am unable to find him in the records. LuRose Williams, Texas. Email: luhickey1@hotmail.com.

McLagan history 30. 09. 2011

My name is Stefani, I was born a McLagan, my father's name was Donald Frasier McLagan. We have been in the U.S. for many generations but I have traced his family back to Scotland. Once I get to Scotland it all gets a bit fuzzy. I am traveling to Scotland in the next month (sorry, not much time this time) and would appreciate any information anyone has that will give me a good starting point to find the information I need. I have history tracing to Perth and to Cumnock but I am not sure which direction I need to go. If you have any information you can email me at: defuzzy14u@mywdo.com. If you have anything even after my date of arrival it would be greatly appreciated as I am planning on going back again to see the places my family may have been. Thank you so much. Stefani Christenson Wabasha, MN USA

Heron's 10. 09. 2011

I am looking for the Heron's that left Scotland in 1679 after the Bothwell Bridge Battle, lived in Ulster, Antrim, and Down, then sometime before May 1774 returned to Scotland and caught the Gale to the Colonies. John Heron left Scotland in 1679, went to Ireland, had @ least 3 sons, John's son Robert's son was christened in Boardmills Presbyterian Church in April 1700. That James had a son James b. 1734, this is the son that sailed from Straener in 1774 with 4 sons name Samuel b. 1752, John b. 1758, Robert b. 1760, and James Hooper Heron be. 1762. Trying to lock down their heritage and wives and mothers for these men. Fairly positive that Andrew Heron was John's father. Any additional information would be great. Thanks Donna Herren Lively. Email: livelydonna@yahoo.com

Margaret Williams Watt / Glasgow 15. 05. 2011

I am searching for documentation providing a line of descent from Sir James Watt, the noted Scottish inventor, through to my grandmother, Margaret Williams Watt, born August 3, 1894, in Glasgow, Scotland. Margaret lived in Glasgow, except for a year or two spent in Saskatchewan, Canada, until adulthood and married John Robertson Macreadie in Glasgow in October of 1932. They then emigrated to Winnipeg, Canada. She died December 8, 1971 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is buried there. Her mother's name was Margaret and her father was George Watt of Glasgow. Any information you could provide showing a line of descent would be extremely helpful and very much appreciated. Heartfelt Thanks. Miss Deborah McLean. Email: dmacwat@telus.net

Glen / Rothesay Isle of Bute 21. 03. 2011

Looking for connections for Glen family from Rothesay, Ayrshire. James Glen(1799) married- Elizabeth Bannatyne/Williams/ Williamson? Born 1796-1803? Children names- William 1831, James 1833, and Archibald 1835. Also any information on Archibald Glen 1835 married Janet Smith (Rothesay).One daughter Margaret Bruce Glen 1858. Other childrens names-Elizabeth Williamson Glen 1860, James Glen 1861 and possibly Archibald Glen 1864 (Kilfinan). Archibald Glen 1835 may have re-married an Augsta/Augusta Glen (1825-31?) born in Kilfinan. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have no more leads. Best regards Kym Glen. Email: kymboglen@hotmail.com.

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