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Glasgow Street Art has now began being commissioned by the local Council. Many of the Art Works around Glasgow, have been painted by the Australian born Glasgow artist Sam Bates (Smug), and a local artist that goes under the name Rogue-One, along with other artists from the Recoat Gallery in the West End of Glasgow.

Many of the first works were carried out in the West End of Glasgow, but some of the largest are now appearing in the City Centre.

Some of the works are on buildings that are for sale, or for lease, or where new buildings will be built, so may only be there for a few months, or years.

The image below is on the south side of Mitchell Street, just off Argyle Street. The taxi floating with balloons was created by Rogue-One. The giant picking up people is a great spot for photos.
Large Image . Map G1 3LN.

Mitchell Street Glasgow Art Floating Taxi image

The painting below is on the City Halls building on the corner of Albion Street and Ingram Street, in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. This is a huge Art Work of a Giant breaking out of the Building by Sam Bates. Large Image . Map G1 1NY.

Ingram-Street-Art-Glasgow image

The images below are on the corner of York Street and Argyle Street, about 300 yards west fo Central Train Station Bridge. This is work created by Sam Bates. I had walked past these many times and thought they were posters for an old Theatre that had recently closed.
Large Image . Map G2 8LE.

York Street Glasgow Art image

The image below is under the north side of the Kingston Bridge, on Anderston Quay. This is a Sam Bates work, commissioned for the Commonwealth Games that will be held in Glasgow in 2014.
Large Image . Map G3 8BX.

Kingston Bridge Street Art Glasgow image

The images below were under Glasgow Central Train Station Bridge, on Clyde Street. These images were created by Sam Bates in about 2012. In 2017, I noticed these had been removed. Large Image . Map.

Central Station Bridge Street Art Glasgow image

The images below were on Clyde Street and Dunlop street, next to St Andrews Cathedral. These images were created by Rogue-One. They seemed to show what went on under the surface of the River Clyde. These images have been removed after the building was leased to be used as a gym.

Large Image

Large Dunlop Street Image

Map G1 4ER.

Clyde Street Art Glasgow image

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