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Roland de Mearns is the earliest recorded owner of Pollok lands in the 1200s.

1200s - The Maxwell's became a powerful Scottish family with their main fortress of Caerlaverock Castle in southwest Scotland by the Solway Firth.

1270 - Roland de Mearns heiress, Mary, married Sir Aymer Maxwell of Caerlaverock.

1300s - Laigh Castle was built for Sir John Maxwell close to present day Pollok House, where the Old Stable Courtyard is today.

1585 - Haggs Castle was built for Sir John Maxwell of Pollok and his wife Margaret Conyngham as a replacement for Laigh Castle. This Castle is next to Pollok Park on Haggs Lane, 1 mile northeast of Pollok House. This Castle has been converted to Flats.

1752 - Pollok House was completed for the 2nd Baronet, Sir John Maxwell.

1758 - the Stone Bridge was completed over White Cart Water at the rear of Pollok House.

1785 - 7th Baronet, Sir John Maxwell, inherited Pollok House and set about importing Trees and Plants from many Countries around the World to Landscape the Estate.

The following Maxwell's also added Trees and Plants at a time many Country Estates were competing to design the most impressive Landscapes.

1850s - Sir William Stirling Maxwell, 9th Baronet, built up a large collection of Spanish works of Art, some remain on display in Pollok House today.

1878 - Sir John Stirling-Maxwell becomes 10th Baronet. He was a Conservative Member of Parliament.

1890 - Sir John Stirling Maxwell hired the architect Robert Rowand Anderson to extend Pollok House, adding Wings to each side of the original Main Building.

1892 - Pollok Golf Club opens on the south side of the Estate.

1910 - Haggs Castle Golf Club opens on the north side of the Estate.

1911 - Sir John opened Pollok lands to the public.

1931 - Sir John helped set up the National Trust for Scotland.

1956 - Sir John dies, leading to Pollok House & Estate passing to his daughter, Dame Anne Maxwell Macdonald, 11th Baronetess.

1966 - Anne Maxwell Macdonald, donated Pollok House, its Art Collection, Library, and 361 acres of Land to the City of Glasgow.

1967 - Pollok House was opened as a Museum.

1980 - the Estate is opened as Pollok Country Park.

1983 - the vast Burrell Collection Museum was opened in Pollok Park by Queen Elizabeth II.

There are over 8,000 objects and Art in the collection of Sir William Burrell Jr. (1861–1958) a Scottish Shipping Merchant and Philanthropist. Burrell had donated his vast Collection to the City of Glasgow.

1998 - the National Trust for Scotland took over the running of Pollok House.

2011 - Dame Anne Maxwell Macdonald Baronetess, died aged 105.

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