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The 543m / 1,781ft Quiraing is on the northeast coast of the Isle of Skye, 20 miles north of Portree. There are a number of other top attractions in this area not to be missed such as Dinosaur Museum / Footprints, Castle, Waterfalls and more, best to use the Click On Map link below for these. Postcode: IV51 9LA

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The image top right is of the vast Quiraing Pay and Display Car Park with a Fast Food Stall, with a real Steep Road with Hairpin Bends up to the Car Park, one is a first gear corner. The Car Park is about 230m / 750ft above sea level.

The second top image right is of the two Trails, with the Low Trail being fairly level all the way out, just one little steep section through between the Rock Formations. If you follow the Trail round to the right of this Rock Formation, that takes you low down then back up to the Main Trail, a bit tougher going.

The High Trail goes up to 543m / 1,781ft, with it being fairly steep.

Is best to go out the Low Trail then see how you feel on the way back to either take the easier Low Trail Back, or much tougher High Trail back where you have about 300m / 1,000ft of tough Hiking to get to the top of the High Section, straight up, no Zig Zagging. Out the Low Trail and back the High Trail takes between 3 and 4 hours.

Just past the Rock Formations you will see The Needle, a large Pointy Rock, with a Steep Trail up past The Needle to The Table. This Trail has Loose Rock so be careful if using it not to kick any Rocks down on the many Walkers below.

The Furthest Out Point has amazing Rock Formations, also gives great views over the North Coast of Skye.

Not everyone goes to the Furthest Out Point, many go to the Fence Style at the Image right named Furthest Out Point then back in from there.

Over the High Trail gives great views all around with the top view being down to The Table where The Needle is situated.

There was a New Path being built at the Highest Point in 2023, should make the going a bit easier when completed.

Back down towards the Car Park starts off nice and steady, then there is a real Steep Section just above the Car Park.

The top section back down was a bit soggy in places during a long dry spell, so will be real soggy in the rainy season.

The Steep Section above the Car Park may be getting a New Path built soon as is well eroded, tricky in places with loose stones, a fair amount of Aw Naw / Oh No going on down that, or Ach Nein by the Germans.

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