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Smoo Cave is on the north coast of Scotland, 2 miles east of Durness, 88 miles west of John O Groats, 106 miles north of Inverness.

You can walk around the area for great views, or view the inside of the Cave, largest Sea Cave in the UK with a Waterfall inside. You can also take a Guided Tour further into the Cave. Postcode: IV27 4QA

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The image top is of the Visitor Centre next to the main road.

The Viewing Area is next to the Visitor Centre with a Path out around the Headland for great views.

There is also a Walk from the Cave inland to the Hills, Walk Information.

Visiting the Cave, you walk down a fairly steep set of steps, cross a Wooden Bridge to the main part of the Cave about 200 feet by 130 feet, and 50 feet high, claimed to be the largest Sea Cave in the UK.

The Outer Chamber was created by Sea Water and the Inner Chambers by Freshwater.

The second Chamber has a 60ft Waterfall created by fresh water running in from above.

The Cave is said to have been used by Vikings, for making illicit Whisky, storing Smuggled Goods, and for Murderers to hide Bodies.

Excavations have uncovered Ships Nails and pieces of Bone crafted to be used as Household Items such as Pins. Most of these Items are believed to have been from the Vikings.

1814 - Sir Walter Scott visited the area and wrote about the Cave, leading to an increase in visitors.

The use of the Cave by Fishermen is said to have continued into the 1900s.

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