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Thornhill is a Town in south Scotland, 16 miles north of Dumfries on the A76 road.

The Town is popular for stopovers, meals, coffee /tee, and for visiting a number of attractions in the area such as Drumlanrig Castle, Morton Castle, Nith Bridge Cross and Covenanters Graves.

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The image top is of the Thornhill Inn looking north along Drumlanrig Street. The Town seen today was laid out in 1714 with wide streets to serve the many Coaches traveling on the new road between Dumfries and Glasgow.

The image second top is of the Hotel next to the Mercat Cross on Drumlanrig Street named the Beccleuch Hotel.

The view north along Drumlanrig Street shows how this wide street looks good and works well today with many car parking spaces and Shops and Hotels down each side.

The Mercat Cross / Market Cross is in the middle of Drumlanrig Street with East Morton Street and West Morton Street running off. There is a Church at the end of each of these streets. The Cross was erected in 1714.

The Joseph Thomson Statue is along East Morton Street. Thomson was born at Penpont near Thornhill. He was a Geologist and Explorer helping the British Government secure Mining Rights in Africa from the 1880s.

Morton Parish Church is at the end of East Morton Street. This Church was built in 1841.

Virginhall Church? is at the end of West Morton Street. Little information can be found about this Church.

The Nith Bridge Cross can be found by taking the road right at this Church and go down hill and over the Nith Bridge, only about half of a mile. The car park for the Cross is a short distance over the Bridge.

This Cross is said to have been created in the 800s or early 900s of Anglian and Celtic design.

The Covenanters Graves are in Dalgarnock Graveyard 2 miles southwest of Thornhill, down the road to the left at the Church. The final section of road to the Graveyard is rough and goes through a Farm. There is a spot you can Walk from to save driving through the Farm.

Postcode for the Graveyard is DG3 5AB. The Monument in the Graveyard commemorates the Covenanter Martyrs associated with Nithsdale, with 57 Names on the Monument.

Drumlanrig Castle is 3 miles north of Thornhill, home to the the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensberry with the Grounds and Cafe open to the Public Most of the Year, and Tours of the Castle available at times.
Castle Information and Large Images.

Morton Castle is 4 miles north of Thornhill, also on the Buccleuch and Queensberry Estate. This Castle ruin, in a remote and scenic spot, is free to visit all year round.

Thornhill History

100s - the Romans built a Road through the Area as they tried to take control of Scotland.

800s? - the Nith Bridge Cross is erected by the River Nith. This may have been the site of a Settlement and River Crossing.

1200s - Morton Castle is built 4 miles north of Thornhill for Thomas Randolph, friend of King Robert the Bruce.

1300s - the first Castle at Drumlanrig 3 miles north of Thornhill was built for the Douglas, friends of King Robert the Bruce.

1400s - a Wooden Bridge was built over the River Nith. This Bridge was lost in a flood.

1600s - a Settlement grew in the Area.

1675 - the new Drumlanrig Castle is built 3 miles north for the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry of the Douglas family.

1680s - a number of Covenanters in the Area were Executed.

1714 - a New Road was built between Dumfries and Glasgow leading to Trade with the many Coaches passing through and the Town being used as a stopover.

1714 - the Mercat Cross / Market Cross was erected.

1773 - 6 people were Drowned by an accident on the Ferry crossing the River Nith.

1777 - a New Bridge was built across the River Nith.

1855 - the Beccleuch Hotel was built. The George Hotel was built around that time as well, now named the Thornhill Inn.

1800s mid - a Brewery was built with over ten Pubs opened in the Town.

1841 - Morton Parish Church was completed on the east side of the Town.

1850 - the Glasgow and Southwest Railway opened a Station in Thornhill.

1893 - Thornhill Golf Club was opened as a nine hole course.

1929 - a Memorial was erected at Dalgarnock Graveyard 2 miles southwest of Thornhill in memory of 57 Covenanters from the Area Executed in the 1680s.

1965 - the Railway closed.

1979 - Thornhill Golf Course was extended to 18 holes.

Today - Thornhill serves the Farming Community and is a popular place for Tourists to Stop when traveling the Area visiting the Attractions.

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