Ben Vane Hike

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Where: Ben Vane, by Inveruglas at Loch Lomond in central Scotland
When: April 2013
Weather: Sunny
Height: 3,005ft
Distance: ?

The 3,005 ft Ben Vane is situated on the west side of Loch Lomond by Inveruglas Visitor Centre, 4 miles north of Tarbet, 38 miles northwest of the city of Glasgow.

The image below is from the A82 road as it aproaches Inveruglas Visitor Centre at Loch Lomond. This is the main car park for the hikes to the Munro's named Ben Vane and Ben Vorlich.

Glasgow to Inveruglas Road Map .

Inveruglas Visitor Centre image

The image below is from Inveruglas Visitor Centre looking at the Hydro Power Station and the 2,785ft A'Chrois.

The hiking route to Ben Vane from this car park is to follow the good roadside path past the power sation, south towards A'Chrois. About half of a mile south, you will see the hill road lead to the right, up under a railway bridge. That hill road leads 2 miles up to Loch Sloy Dam.

The hiking route onto Ben Vane is about half of a mile before the dam.

Inveruglas Visitor Centre view to A'Chrois image

The image below is from about 1 mile up the Loch Sloy Dam road where it passes through part of the power station.

This is a good place to view the 2,785ft A'Chrois. A worker here stated the week before, 6 hikers set off from here to climb this mountain. Four returned a few hours later without reaching the top. The other two made the summit as they had crampons and ice axes. Probably one of the toughest sub 3,000ft hills in the area when hiked from this side.

A'Chrois Mountain image

The image below is from only a few hundred yards round from the power station. The 3,005ft Ben Vane is the one on the right here, and the 3,316ft Beinn Ime out to the left.

Some people hike Beinn Ime from here but it is a long way out. Beinn Ime is normaly hiked from Arrochar to the south, or Butterbridge to the west.

Large Image .

Ben Vane and Bein Ime image

The image below is of Ben Vane from the road to Loch Sloy Dam. There are two trails that lead off to the left here marked to Arrochar by the Glen Loin Loop. The road leads round to the right here to the dam.

The hiking route onto Ben Vane is cross the bridge, along the track, then make your way up onto the south ridge as seen in the image below. There is a faint track low down that gets easier to follow as it winds its way up the south ridge. There are a number of steeper routes that can be taken for the more adventurous.

Large Image .

Ben Vane Mountain image

The image below is of Loch Sloy Dam. Ben Vane is to the left here and the 3,093ft Ben Vorlich to the right.

The dam is about 670 feet above sea level, so it is about 2,300 feet of a climb back up if you try to hike both mountains in the same day, about 5,300 ft altogether.

Large Image .

Loch Sloy Dam image

The Map below shows the route from Inveruglas Visitor Centre car park to Ben Vane.

You can also hike to Ben Vorlich from here: Ben Vorlich Page.

The closest hotel for this hike is the inexpensive Tarbet Hotel about 4 miles south

Make sure and take an Ordnance Survey Map and Compass on these hikes, and know how to use them, as in cloud, these mountains can be deadly. In Winter, make sure you have Crampons and an Ice Axe, and know how to use them.

Inveruglus Road Map . Hill Walking Map . Ben Vane Photo Tour to Top . Tarbet Photo Tour .

Ben Vane Map image
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