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Stirling is a small city in central Scotland, gateway to the Highlands, popular for its historic castle sitting high above the city, and battlefields in the area.

The image below is of The Battle of Bannockburn site. This was the most historic battle in the history of Scotland 23rd – 24th June 1314. The site is situated about 2 miles south of Stirling Centre and Castle. Map / Reviews FK7 0LJ . Photo Tour Page.

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Bannockburn Battlesite Stirling image

The image below is from the street named Albert Place with many old buildings and churches. This is the road to Stirling centre and Castle from the south past Bannockburn, well sign posted all the way in. The road to the left here is the Corn Exchange that leads up to the Castle. The clock tower here is of the Municipal Buildings.

Albert Place Stirling image

The image below left is looking up Spittal Street and St John Street, leading up to Stirling Castle.

The image right is looking up Broad Street towards Stirling Castle. This is a one way system, with cars going up St John Street to the castle, and back down Broad Street.

St John Street Stirling image Broad Street Stirling image

The image below is of the historic Stirling Castle from the large car park. This is the top attraction in Stirling. From this car park, it is only about a ten minute walk down into Stirling centre for shopping, longer back uphill. Stirling Castle Photo Tour.

Stirling Castle south image

The image below left is of the Church of the Holy Rude next to Stirling Castle, great to visit, also with a large grave yard that has fantastic views of the castle.

The image below centre is of Argyll's Lodging also next to the castle, a 1600s town house now open to the public as a museum. This was the town house of the Earls of Argyll.

The image below right is of the Tolbooth on Broad Street from 1705. This building was extended in 1811 to also serve as a jail and courthouse. Prisoners were held in the tower, with the worst offenders hung outside. The Tolbooth is now used for Music & Performing Arts.

Church of the Holy Rude Stirling image Argyll's Lodging Stirling image Tolbooth Stirling image

The image below left is of the Old Town Jail situated on St John Street close to the castle. The Jail was completed in 1847. You can now take tours led by Living History Actors.

The image below centre is of Robert Spittal's House 50 yards down from the Old Town Jail, named after the tailor of James IV in the early 1500s. The house was built in 1650, thought to be with money left by the wealthy tailor to help the poor in Stirling. The house was converted to flats in 1959.

The image below right is of the Municipal Buildings at the bottom of Spittal Street on the Corn Exchange, built in 1914. The impressive clock tower can be seen from around the town. The buildings house some local council services.

Old Town Jail Stirling image Robert Spittal's House Stirling image Muicipal Buildings Stirling image

The images below are of the three main shopping streets in Stirling centre, King Street left, Murry Place centre, and Port Street right. It is a half mile walk from the Castle down into the centre here. Map Listing Stirling Shops.

The building with the steeple on King Street is the Athenaeum completed in 1816, where the old market used to be. This building originally served as a merchant's library and meeting house. It is now used as Council Offices.

King Street Stirling image Murry Place Stirling image Port Street Stirling image

The images below are on Albert Place, 50 yards east of the Municipal Buildings, with the image on the left being the Holy Trinty Church completed in 1878.

The image in the centre is the Albert Halls entertainment venue for live shows and bands. Hendersons Bistro is also situated in this building.

The image below right is of the Allan Park South Church completed in 1886. The clock on the tower was gifted to the Church in 1889 by a Mr David Morton in memory of his wife.

Holy Trinty Church Stirling Albert Halls Stirling image Allan Park South Church Stirling image

The image below left is of the Old Stirling Bridge built around 1500, situated on the east side of Stirling, under one mile from the castle. The older wooden bridge from the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 is situated a few hundred yards south. Only the foundations remain of the older bridge under water. This bridge from the 1500s was damaged in 1745 during the Jacobite rebellion to prevent the Highlanders crossing. There is parking at both ends.

The image below right is of the Wallace Monument situated 2 miles east of Stirling Centre and Castle. The tower was completed in 1869 at 220ft high, now also one of the top visitor attractions in Scotland. Wallace Monument Photo Page.

Old Stirling Bridge image Wallace Monument at Stirling image
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