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Annandale Distillery

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Annandale Distillery is in Dumfries and Galloway southwest Scotland, 16 miles southeast of Dumfries, 1 mile northeast of Annan. Postcode: DG12 5LL.

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Annandale is a Single Malt Scotch Whisky matured in Sherry Casks, most bottled straight from the Barrel at full strength, from 7 years old, about £70 to £83 a bottle. There is also a Blended Whisky named Storyman for about £54.
Annandale Whisky Range.

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Annandale Distillery History

1124 - 1312 - the Bruce Family were the Lords of Annandale, with Robert the Bruce becoming King of Scotland in 1306.

1836 - Annandale Distillery was established by George Donald.

1893 - the Distillery was bought by Johnnie Walker

1924 - the Distillery closed.

2007 - the Distillery was taken over by the Annandale Distillery Company, set up by Prof David Thomson and Teresa Church.

2014 - Distilling began, the Visitor Centre opened that year as well.

2014 - the first Cask of Peated Whisky was filled by the 6ft 6inch retired Scotland Rugby Union player Doddie Weir, this was named Cask 40.

2017 November - the first Casks were opened, at three years old, the minimum age for Scotch Whisky.

2017 December - Doddie Weir opened the first Cask of Peated Whisky, with 99 bottles from the Cask being sold at Auction for a Charity run by Doddie Weir for Motor Nuron Disease, with Weir having been diagnosed as having Motor Nuron Disease in June 2017.

2018 - the Annandale Distillery bought the Globe Inn in Dumfries, a Pub the famous Poet - Robert Burns used when living in Dumfries. It is claimed Burns had a Child with a Barmaid from the Globe Inn.

2019 - the Distillery presented a cheque to Doddie for £27,800, money raised by the Auction.

2019 - the Distillery released a Blended Whisky named Outlaw King, dedicated to the Film about King Robert the Bruce of the same name.

2022 - Doddie Weir died of Motor Neuron Disease, aged 52.

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