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Auchterarder is a small Town in central Scotland, 21 miles north of Stirling, 13 miles south of Perth.

Auchterarder is popular for the Gleneagles Golf Resort 2 miles south, Tullibardine Chapel featured in Outlander 3 miles west, Skydive Strathallan 3 miles northwest, Tullibardine Distillery 5 miles south, and a 4 mile Walk around the Town and Countryside.

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The image top is looking south along Auchterarder High Street with the two most notable buildings being the Town Hall and Old Church Tower.

The Old Church Tower is what is left from a Church built in 1660 dedicated to St MacKessog. The Tower is said to have been built with Stone from Kincardine Castle 1 mile south. That Castle was destroyed during the five Wars of Religion in the 1600s & 1700s such as Covenanter, Bishops, Three Kingdoms, English Civil, and Jacobite. Much of Auchterarder was built from stone taken from the Castle ruin.

On the lower end of the High Street are Auchterarder Parish Church completed 1905, and uphill is the former St. Andrews and West Church, now serving as a shop.

The Star Hotel is in the middle of the High Street, where most of the Shops and Cafes are situated.

On the south side of Auchterarder are two Parks, one for Sports and Kids Play, and another across the road with Scenic Walks.

The Scenic Park has information on Auchterarder from the 1700s and 1800s with many houses in the Town having Hand Weaving Looms, producing all types of Cloth to sell around Scotland. The first Water Mill for producing Cloth in a Factory opened in 1873, and the first Steam Powered Mill in 1877.

Auchterarder Golf Club is on the south side of the Town, founded in 1892.

Gleneagles Golf Resort is 2 miles south of Auchterarder, with the Hotel opening in 1924. The Kings Golf Course had opened in 1919, followed by the Queens Course, PGA Centenary Course, and the Wee Course.

Auchterarder History

The name Auchterarder is said to have evolved from Gaelic meaning Upland of High Water.

1000s - Auchterarder Castle was built on the north side of Auchterarder, used by Royals as a Hunting Lodge, little remains.

1200s - Old Kincardine Castle was built for Sir David de Graham of Cardross, about 1 mile south of Auchterarder. These Castles with vast Estates created work with Villages and Towns evolving around them.

1296 - King Edward I of England stayed at Auchterarder Castle during the First War of Scottish Independence.

1562 - Mary Queen of Scots stayed at Kincardine Castle. Mary often toured Scotland visiting Clans to help keep their support, so they would fight for her if needed. The Catholic Mary knew she had many enemies, as most Scots were converting from Catholic to Protestant at that time.

1640s - Old Kincardine Castle was destroyed during the British Civil Wars / Wars of Religion, by forces led by Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll. Campbell was a Covenanter trying to stop Kings in England interfering with Scottish Churches. Covenanters would attack any Castles or Families loyal to the King. The Wars ended in 1660 after King Charles II Stuart was restored to the Throne.

1660 - stone from Kincardine Castle was taken to build a new Church in Auchterarder. That Church was built where two earlier Churches had been.

1716 - the Jacobite Earl of Mar's forces burned Auchterarder and other Towns in the area to help slow the advance of Government Forces hunting them down. The Jacobite's were finally defeated in 1746 at the Battle of Culloden, leading to peaceful times, with the Industrial Revolution soon following.

1700s - Handlooms were installed in many Auchterarder homes, allowing companies to supply people with yarn so they could make a variety of Cloth such as Silk, Tartan, Tweed, Woolen, and Worsted. The companies would then sell the Cloth in Cities such as Glasgow.

1803 - a large Mansion was built in Kincardine Estate, close to the ruins of Old Kincardine Castle. This Mansion is often referred to as Kincardine Castle. It is unclear who owns the Mansion, probably a private family home.

1834 - disputes about Protestant Churches began, leading to the forming of the Free Church of Scotland in 1843.

1856 - the Railway reached Auchterarder, allowing production of Cloth to increase dramatically.

1873 - the first Water Powered Mill was opened by William Hally to power his Castleton Mill, allowing mass production of Cloth with the water powering a number of Looms in the Mill.

1877 - James White set up the first Steam Powered Mill known as Ruthvenvale Mill.

1892 - Auchterarder Golf Club was founded.

1905 - Auchterarder Free Church was completed, leading to the Church from 1660 being dismantled, with only the Tower remaining today.

1919 - the Kings Golf Course opened at Gleneagles 2 miles south of Auchterarder.

1920 - a War Memorial was built next to the Tower of the Old Church.

1924 - the Gleneagles Hotel was opened by the Caledonian Railway Company, a time the Railways were involved in building Golf Resorts close to their Lines to promote tourism, with Turnberry Golf Resort in the southwest also being built by the Railways around 1906.

1962 - the last Weaving Mill closed.

1980s - the A9 Road between Stirling and Perth was upgraded, bypassing a number of Towns such as Auchterarder.

2005 - the 31st G8 summit was held at Gleneagles Hotel, leading to the Auchterarder being inundated with Activists and Police.

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