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Perth is a small scenic City in Central Scotland, on the banks of the River Tay, with a large number of attractions such as a Cathedral, Historic Church, Scone Palace, Huntingtower Castle, Black Watch military museum, and more. The City is 62 miles northeast of Glasgow, 44 miles north of Edinburgh.

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The image top is of South Inch Park that runs from the Train Station down to the River Tay with a large Kids Play and St Leonard's Church.

The image second top is from the Rail Bridge looking north over the River Tay with a number of impressive buildings such as the Sheriff Court, Council Buildings and Royal George Hotel. Large Image.

The Fergusson Gallery is next to the River Tay at the 1766 bridge by William Stewart. The Gallery holds a vast collection of Artwork along with the archive of Fergusson's lifelong companion, the pioneer of modern dance, Margaret Morris.

The 1,200 seat Concert Hall completed in 2005 is next to the Fergusson Gallery. The Concert Hall is used for a wide variety of events.

The Fair Maids House is behind the Concert Hall. This is where the Fair Maid of Perth lived, and inspired Sir Walter Scott in 1828 to produce a novel about the Maid and the Battle of the North Inch.

The vast North Inch Park is next to the the Fair Maids House with playing fields, North Inch Golf Course, and Sports Centre.

The Black Watch Museum is next to North Inch Park, covering the history of the regiment from 1739 - today.

Perth Cathedral is a short walk back towards the City centre on North Methven Street, completed in 1850 to designs of William Butterfield.

Kinoul Street is in the centre of Perth with a number of bus stops and the Imax Playhouse Cinema.

The High Street is the Centre of Perth with many Shops and normally a few Busker's.

The David Annand Sculpture is in the centre of the High Street. The Ring is about William Soutar’s famous poem Nae Day Sae Dark.

The Market Cross is by the High Street at the entrance of St Johns Shopping Centre. The original Cross was destroyed by Cromwell's Army in 1651, with the Cross seen today completed in 1913.

St Johns Kirk is by the Market Cross on St Johns Place. This is the oldest Building in Perth with the earliest parts from the 1440s, a top visitor attraction.

St Johns Place, next to the Kirk, has a number of Diners with outdoor seating.

Scone Palace is 2 miles northeast of Perth centre in a vast Estate. The Priory on this land was originally built in the 1100s and rebuilt as a Palace in the early 1800s.

The Priory was the Crowning place of Scottish Kings on the Stone of Scone, now a top visitor attraction for the Palace and Chapel.

Huntingtower Castle is 3 miles northwest of Perth centre. This Castle was built from the 1400s for Clan Ruthven, now a top visitor attraction.

Perth History

Prehistoric - settlements were in the area.

4000 BC - farming began in the area.

800s - King Kenneth MacAlpin brought the Coronation Stone, Stone of Destiny, to a religious building at Scone 2 miles northeast of Perth centre. All Kings of Scotland were crowned at Scone from then on.

900s - Perth had grown into an important City with an inland Port for trading with hides, timber and fish.

1020 - the early Religious Building at Scone was enlarged and given the status of a Priory.

1126 - the first Church of St John is built for King David I in Perth centre.

1164 - Scone Priory is given the status of an Abbey.

1210 - King William the Lion made Perth a Royal Burgh.

1210 to 1452 - Scotland's Parliament met at Scone.

1296 - the Stone of Scone was captured by King Edward I of England during the Scottish Wars of Independence, taken to Westminster Abbey in London.

1306 - Robert the Bruce was Crowned King of Scotland at Scone.

1396 - the Battle of North Inch takes place at Perth. This was a Staged Battle in front of King Robert II. It was between 30 men of Clan MackIntosh and 30 men of Clan Cameron in an attempt to end a 360 year feud. One Cameron survived by swimming across the River Tay. The 11 surviving McKintosh claimed victory.

1440s - St Johns Kirk in Perth is rebuilt much larger than the original.

1400s - Huntingtower Castle is built 3 miles northwest of Perth Centre for the Ruthven Clan.

1500s - Perth had a number of Metal Works for Gold, Silver and Armour.

1559 - Scone Abbey was severely damaged during the Scottish Reformation by Protestants from Dundee.

1600 - brothers John and Alexander Ruthven of Huntingtower Castle were executed for plotting to kill King James VI.

1643 - Huntingtower Castle and lands were given to the Murray's of Tullibardine. This family later became the Dukes of Atholl and Mansfield.

1651 - Charles II was Crowned King at Scone.

1651 August - Perth was captured by the Army of Cromwell during the English Civil War.

1700s - Perth grew around the Linen industry, Whisky Distilling, and later Glass Making.

1776 - the Old Town Walls were demolished to open up the Town.

1767 - Huntingtower Castle was abandoned after the wife of the 1st Duke of Atholl died.

1804 - Scone Chapel is built on Moot Hill next to where Scone Palace is now, on the site of an earlier Chapel. A replica of the Stone of Scone is at the Chapel.

1808 - Scone Palace is built in Neo-Gothic style for the Earls of Mansfield. The Palace replaced the Abbey.

1842 - Queen Victoria Visits Scone Palace.

1928 - the last Trams in Perth were removed from service to be replaced by Buses.

1930s? - Huntingtower Castle is opened to the Public as a Tourist Attraction.

1966 - Lady Mansfield opened Scone Palace for the Public as a Tourist Attraction.

1996 - the Stone of Scone was returned to Scotland to be displayed at a Museum in Edinburgh Castle.

2012 - Perth was made a City with a population around 43,000.

Today - Perth is a top visitor attraction and a good base for exploring Scotland with Dundee 23 miles east, Edinburgh 44 miles southeast, Glasgow 65 miles southwest, Aberdeen 86 miles northeast, and Inverness 112 miles northwest.

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