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Barsalloch Fort

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Barsalloch Fort is in Galloway southwest Scotland, 24 miles southeast of Stranraer, 66 miles southwest of Dumfries, 2 miles south of Port William village. Free to visit. Postcode DG8 9LH

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This is known as the Whithorn Peninsular, or the Machars, with a number of historic attractions and villages. The drive around is about 45 miles, a full day when visiting the attractions.

The image top is from the car park next to the main coastal A747 road south of Port William. There are a number of steps up to the top, where there are great views all around.

This was an Iron Age fortified farming settlement dating to around 2,000 years back. There is a D shaped ditch around three sides, and a steep side on the west for defense.

The enclosure is thought to have held four or five houses.

The image third top is looking north towards Port William village with the information board.

The fourth image gives a good sense of the depth of the ditch. A high wooden fence would have been all around next to the ditch, making the fort fairly secure.

The image second bottom is looking south towards the headland at Front Bay, where the statue of Maxwell's Otter can be found.

The views are great from this fort, but from the high point at Maxwell's Otter, they are even better.

The image bottom is looking down to the car park.

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