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Carsluith Castle

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Carsluith Castle is situated in Galloway southwest Scotland, 33 miles east of Stranraer, 38 miles west of Dumfries, right next to the main A75 road. The Marrbury Smokehouse Bistro/Cafe / Shop and Self Catering Accommodation is next to the Castle.

The Castle is free to visit with great views over Wigtown Bay from the top. Postcode: DG8 7DY

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This is a late 1400s Towerhouse built for James Lindsay. His son, Herbert Lindsay, was killed at the Battle of Flodden in north England in 1513. This was a time when Scotland and France were at war with England.

This is a typical Scottish Towerhouse Castle, with four floors. They were designed for safety during conflict with neighbouring landowners, with only a small army, not to withstand a large English army.

Disputes between landowners were common up to the 1600s & 1700s, when laws made it clear murdering your neighbour was a criminal offence, with the chance you could be sentenced to a gruesome death.

Each landowner had many workers on their land, that also served as fighting men in battles for the king, or with their neighbours.

The main living quareters started from the first floor up, with the main entrance on the first floor for safety. Narrow spiral stairways joined each floor, making it dificult for attackers to fight their way up.

From the safer times of the 1700s, many of these Tower Houses were replaced by Mansions, or had Mansion built onto the side of them.

The daughter of James Lindsay married Richard Brown, leading to the Castle being in the hands of the Browns of Carsluith until they emigrated to India in 1748. The Castle was abandoned around that time.

Carsluith Castle History

1300s - the lands of Carsluith were owned by the Cairns of Orcharton, an estate with a round Castle, 27 miles east of Carsluith.

1460 - James Lindsay of Fairgirth gained control of Carsluith, leading to the Castle being built in the late 1400s.

1513 - Sir Herbert Lindsay, son of James Lindsay is killed at the Battle of Flodden.

1500s - the daughter of James Lindsay marries Richard Brown, leading to the Castle and Estate passing to the Brown's.

1560s - the Brown's extend the Castle by building the Stair Tower.

1579 - the catholic John Brown was fined a large sum of money for murdering the protestand McCulloch of Barholm, a neighbouring Estate.

1605 - Gilbert Brown, Abbot of Sweetheart Abbey by Dumfries, was accused of sheltering Jesuit Priests at Carsluith. He was forced to move to France, becomming rector of the Scots College in Paris.

1612 - Gilbert Brown died in Paris.

1748 - the Brown's of Carsluith emigrated to India, selling the land and leaving the Castle to fall into disrepair.

1800s - a Farm was built next to the Castle ruins.

1913 - Historic Environment Scotland gained control of the Castle, maintaining the stonework, and opened the building to the public as a tourist attraction.

2010? - the Marrbury Smokehouse Bistro/Cafe & Shop opens.

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