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The David Stirling SAS Memorial is 6 miles northwest of the City of Stirling next to the B824 Road to Callander. Stirling was the founder of the SAS / Special Air Service in 1941.

The Memorial can be visited any time free, with a Car Park only a short walk from the Memorial, as seen in the image top. Postcode: FK15 9NY

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The image top is from the Car Park next to the B824 Road between Stirling and Callander in the Trossachs area.

1448 - the Stirling Family gained control of the Keir Estate in this area by the City of Stirling, they also had land 150 miles northwest at Loch Morar, west of Fort William in the Highlands.

1700s - the Stirling's supported the Jacobite's during the Jacobite Risings.

1760 - the Stirling's had a large Mansion built on Keir Estate by Stirling named Keir House. The entrance to this Private Estate is next to the B824, 100 yards from the roundabout where the B824 and A9 merge, you can view the grand entrance from the road. The David Stirling Memorial is 2 miles west of the entrance to the Estate.

15 November 1915 - David Stirling was born at Keir House.

1937 - Stirling joined the Army in the Scots Guards, later becoming a Commando.

1939 - the 6 feet 6 inch Stirling was in Training to climb Mount Everest when World War Two broke out.

1940 - the SBS / Special Boat Service was set up for highly trained Soldiers to be dropped behind enemy lines by Boat so they could blow up enemy ammunition and equipment.

1941 - Stirling was part of a unit sent to fight in North Africa. While in North Africa, Stirling became the founder of the SAS / Special Air Service, highly trained Soldiers that would Parachute in behind enemy lines, or Drive behind enemy lines with long range vehicles.

The SAS and SBS soon became known as the top fighting units in the world. The US Navy Seals were founded in 1962 to take on the same type of missions.

During WWII, Stirling and the SAS destroyed over 250 German aircraft in North Africa, many supply dumps, damaged railways and disrupted telecommunications.

1943 - Stirling was captured by the Germans, ending up in the notorious Colditz Castle Prison in Germany.

After World War Two - Stirling set up a Private Military Company that was involved in business in unstable countries in Africa and the Middle East such as Libya, Zambia, Sierra Leone and Iran.

1970 - Stirling was linked to an attempted overthrow of the Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

1970s - Stirling was accused of being part of a secrete organization set up to infiltrate and undermine Trade Unions in the UK.

1990 - Stirling was Knighted, becoming Sir David Stirling.

4 November 1990 (aged 74) - Stirling died at Westminster in London, England.

Stirling's funeral service was at St Cumin's Church on the shores of Loch Morar. His Grave is at the Old Cemetery in the small Village of Morar, looking down over the Loch, 55 miles west of Fort William by the town of Mallaig in the Highlands of Scotland. Large Grave Images.

Loch Morar is the deepest Loch in Scotland, where the Stirling Family owned land. The Cemetery is up by the small Village and Church is down next to the Loch, a bit confusing when searching for the Grave.

If exploring Loch Morar, there is a small Car Park about 1 mile east along the Loch from the Church, then it is about a 1 mile walk to an Old Chapel and scenic beaches. It is a single lane road along the side of the Loch, not suitable for large vehicals.

2002 - the SAS Memorial was unveiled west of the City of Stirling on a spot known as Hill of Row.

His nephew Archie Stirling is the current Laird of the Keir Estate, a former Scots Guards officer.

It is surprising how many famous military people were from large Estates with Mansions, getting themselves involved in battles they could quite easily be killed.

Winston Churchill is probably the most famous of the rich military people, family home of Blenheim Palace, with the young Churchill volunteering for battles in Cuba, India and Africa.

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