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Druchtag Motte

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Druchtag Motte is situated in Galloway southwest Scotland, 24 miles southeast of Stranraer, 62 miles southwest of Dumfries, by the small village of Mochrum, 2 miles north of Port William.

The Motte is free to visit, the postcode is for Mochrum. Postcode: / DG8 9LZ

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There is only room for one car to park by the Motte. You can park in Mochrum and walk the few hundred yards up to the Motte.

All that survives at Druchtag is the steep mound and ditch with a rope to pull yourself up to the top.

There would have been a wall of pointed timber around the top of the mound to serve as a secure home. The building would probably have been the home of a Galloway Lord.

Scotland’s earliest castles were mottes like this one, common up to the 1200s. Stone castles were built from the 1200s.

Mottes vary in size, some would have contained one building, others with a number of buildings. They often had buildings around them on lower ground, that could have had pointed wooden fences around them as well.

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