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Fairy Glen Isle of Skye

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Fairy Glen is in the northwest of the Isle of Skye, at the village of Uig, 16 miles northwest of Portree. Postcode: IV51 9YG

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The image top right is from the road up from the south to Uig with the Single Lane road named Sheader Road leading to the Glen from about 30 yards south of the Uig Hotel, first building in Uig from the south.

It is a one and a half mile walk if you park at the Uig Hotel.

The third image right shows the Single Lane Road as it reaches the Pay and Display Car Park at Fairy Glen. There are no Coaches allowed up this road as is too narrow and the Car Park has no space for Coaches.

There are a number of Paths from the Car Park to use to explore Fairy Glen, with little Pyramids everywhere, a Pond, and a Rock Formation that looks like a Castle, referred to as Castle Ewan.

You can climb to the top of the Castle for good views, but it is dangerous up there with a narrow ledge to walk along.

Fairy Glen is said to have evolved after a Land Slip thousands of years back, leaving these strange mounds everywhere, or was it the Fairies that made it.

The Spirals in the ground are said to be fairly recent, but may have been made much much earlier, made by spiritual people by placing small rocks around the Spiral. These rocks were removed by locals to try and keep the area as natural as possible.

Spirals evolved from the Neolithic period about 2,500 BC, now most associated with Celtic people from the UK and Ireland who used it a lot in their Art and Jewelry.

People of the Neolithic Period worshiped the Sun, Moon, and other natural elements that affected their Harvest and Helath.

Spirals are claimed to symbolize the inner and outer worlds, birth, death, and rebirth, also unity of mental, physical, and spiritual self, so standing in the middle of the Spirals may do you good, wont do any harm.

Stone Stacking also began here a few years back, starting off with some little ones here and there, looking real interesting, then it got out of control with Stone Stacks everywhere, using large stones dug out the ground, becoming dangerous to sheep and children, and not very good looking.

The Stone Stacks were removed with them being discouraged ever since.

The Rha Waterfalls are in the centre of Uig, where the road north to Staffin begins, at the Bridge over the River Rha.

The rest of the attractions in Uig are by the Ferry Pier such as Bar / Restaurant with views over the Pier, Brewery with a Shop, and Uig Pottery with Skye themed pottery.

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