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Govan Old Church & Govan Stones in Glasgow

Govan Old Church and Govan Stones in Glasgow website, information, large image, telephone number, postcode and links to reviews and a map.

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Govan Old Church & Govan Stones
/ 3 miles southwest of Glasgow centre.

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Govan Old Church is one of the lesser known attractions in Glasgow, but also one of the most interesting, and historic. Situated in the centre of Govan, 50 yards west of Govan Square.

The Govan Stones are 31 pieces of early Medieval Sculptures from the 9th to 11th Centuries. These range from an ornate solid stone Sarcophagus, to a number of carved stone slabs, and the largest collection of Hogback stones in Scotland, thought to have been used as Grave Markers.

The Stones are said to commemorate the power of those who ruled the Old Kingdom of Strathclyde.

The Hogback stones are thought to be Viking Grave Markers.

Govan Old Church is the oldest place of worship in Glasgow, believed to have been the centre of the ancient Kingdom of Strathclyde. The Church building on the site today, was constructed in 1888.

Govan Old Church worship takes place: Monday to Friday, at 10am, for about 15 mins.

Govan Old Church Google Map . Postcode: G51 3UU. Tel: 0141 440 2466.
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The Kirkyard of Govan Old Church is said to be the Burial Ground for the Kings of Strathclyde, from the 9th to 11th Centuries AD, although there are no names on the old Grave Markers to confirm this.

Many prominent citizens of Govan still want to be have their Burial Service at Govan Old Church. The most well known and respected to have a Burial Service there recently, was Jimmy Reid, the Scottish Trade Union Activist, Politician, and Journalist, born in Govan on the 9th July 1932, died 10th August 2010.

Govan was originally an agricultural and fishing Village that grew through Weaving, Light Engineering, and in the early 1900s, one of Scotland's largest Ship-Building communities.

Govan has a good selection of impressive buildings, such as the Pearce Buidling, named in honour of Sir William Pearce, the British shipbuilder that founded the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in Govan.

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The Govan Ferry runs for a few weeks each summer between Govan centre and the Riverside Museum of Transport, a two minute trip that is normally free. Govan Ferry Image.

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