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Lealt Falls Viewpoint Skye

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Lealt Falls Viewpoint is on the northeast coast of the Isle of Skye, 12 miles north of Portree on the A855 coastal road. Other top attractions on this coast are Rig Viewpoint 2 miles south, the Storr Pinnacle 5 miles south, Kilt Rock Viewpoint for Dinosuars 3 miles north, and the Quiraing walks 18 miles north. Postcode: IV51 9DY.

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The image top right is of the Car Park for the Lealt Waterfalls Viewpoint with the Top Waterfalls Viewpoint being next to the Car Park.

The Higher Viewpoints are a short walk uphill past a Mobile Cafe.

The Top Viewpoints give amazing views over the Skye Coastline.

There is a Steep Path down to the Lower Waterfalls with a large Pool below the Falls for cooling down in warm weather.

The Notice Boards give information on a 3.5 mile walk out to Loch Cuither, and 4 mile walk up to the scenic Brothers Point, each taking about 3 hours out and back, 7 and 8 mile walks out and back.

There is also a Roadside Car Park one and a half miles north of Lealt Falls for the Brothers Point Walk where you can look for Dinosaur Footprints. Map

Walks Information with Trails Image.

The Notice Boards also give information on the history of the area such as many people worked the area from 1900 - 1960 digging up a soft rock named Diatomite that was used for Cosmetics and Toothpastes.

The area was also used for Salmon Fishing, with Old Buildings down by the Lower Waterfalls used for fishing and other works.

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