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Lochmaben Village & Castle

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Lochmaben is a village in south Scotland, 8 miles east of Dumfries, 4 miles west of Lockerbie.

The village is best known as the home of the Bruce's, the family that gained the throne of Scotland under Robert the Bruce, with their descendants being the Stuart's that ruled Scotland and England. Lochmaben Road Map

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The image top is looking west along the High Street towards the Town Hall, with a Statue of Robert Bruce in front.

The Town Hall was built in the early 1700s containing a Shop, Jail, and a Court House. The Steeple was added in 1741.

Part of The Town Hall was a Tolbooth, and there used to be Stocks and Neck Irons at the front of the building to hold Prisoners.

The Kings Arms Hotel is next to the Town Hall, now run as a Pub for Meals. The Crown Hotel for Accommodation and Meals is just round the corner on Bruce Street.

The image fourth top is looking west along the High Street towards the Lochmaben Church of Scotland built around 1820. The Churches Bruce Bell and Popes Bell are claimed to date to the time of Robert the Bruce.

The War Memorial, Park, Tennis, Bowling, and Annandale Sailing Club are all in the Park behind the Church next to Castle Loch.

Visitors can use the Bowling, Tennis and Fishing on Castle Loch, more information: Website.

The Bowling Club car park has a spot for launching you own Canoes or Boats as seen right, and a Path from there runs round to Lochmaben Castle, under 1 mile in distance.

You can also drive round to the Castle where there is a car park.

Lochmaben Golf Club is on the south side of the Village with views over Kirk Loch. This is a scenic 5,996 yard - par 70 Parks Course that welcomes visitors.

Lchmaben History

1160s - the first Lochmaben Castle was built where the Golf Course is today. That Castle was the main home of the Bruce Clan, Lords of Annandale.

1271 - Robert Bruce married Marjorie - Countess of Carrick from Turnberry Castle. The Bruce Clan then made Turnberry in Carrick / Ayrshire their main home. Bruce and Marjorie had five sons and five daughters, one being Robert the Bruce, future King of Scotland.

1298 - the original Castle at Lochmaben was captured by Edward I of England. Edward then had the second, larger Lochmaben Castle built 1 mile southeast by Castle Loch. The original Castle was abandoned at that time.

1299 - the new Castle managed to hold off an attack by Robert the Bruce during the First War of Scottish Independence.

1306 - Robert the Bruce captured the Castle, but it was retaken by the English soon after.

1314 - the Castle was retaken by Bruce after the Scots defeated the English at the Battle of Bannockburn, the Battle that led to Scottish Independence.

1333 - the English took control of the Castle again during the Second War of Scottish Independence, a War to try and overthrow David II, son of Robert the Bruce.

1357 - the Treaty of Berwick ended the Second War of Scottish Independence with David II retaining the throne of Scotland.

1385 - the 3rd Earl of Douglas took control of Lochmaben Castle after removing the English that had held on to the Castle.

1455 - James II took control of the Castle after his War with the Douglas . The Douglas were accused of trying to overthrow the King so they could control Scotland themselves.

1542 - the Scots Army of James V used the Castle in the lead up to their victory over the English at the Battle of Solway Moss.

1565 - Mary Queen of Scots stayed at the Castle whilst on one of her many Tours.

1588 - The Maxwell's took control of the Castle as they set about trying to overthrow James VI.

1588 - James VI captured the Castle from the Maxwell's. David Maxwell and five others were hung in front of the Castle gates.

1603 - James VI became King of England and Scotland, leading to peaceful times. Lochmaben Castle fell into disrepair from this time. The Ruins are now a popular Visitor Attraction.

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