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Macduff is a Town on the Moray & Aberdeenshire Coast area of Scotland, 73 miles east of Inverness, 45 miles northwest of Aberdeen, 1 mile east of Banff.

Macduff is popular for its Marine Aquarium, Boat Trips, Sea Fishing, Views from the War Memorial and Church high above, Open Air Pool by Royal Tarlair Golf Club, and a number of Walks in the area.

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The image top is of looking east along Shore Street at Macduff Harbour.

The second image is of one of the Boats used for Boat Trips or Sea Fishing. The Boat Trips search for Dolphin, Minke Whale, Puffins, Gannets, Cormorants, Fulmar, and Kittiwakes.

Sea Fishing trips are for Cod, Ling, Coley, Dab, Spiny Scorpion Fish, Cuckoo, and Wrasse.

The third image is from the Harbour looking south with the War Memorial and Macduff Parish Church sitting high above.

Macduff War Memorial is in a Park with a Play Area and Kids Play, also Great Views over the Town.

Macduff Parish Church also has Great Views over the Town, and over Banff 1 mile west. This Church was built in 1805, enlarged in 1865. The Tower of the Church was used as a guide for Boats.

At the Church is the Town Cross from 1783, and a large 1700s Anchor placed here in 1972.

The Path up and down from the War Memorial passes the New Knowes Hotel, popular for Drinks and Meals.

Macduff Marine Acquarium is at the east side of the Harbour, showing Marine Life from the Moray Firth, Scotland’s largest bay, and the large Central Exhibit is where you can view Divers hand Feeding Fish, the only one of its kind in the UK.

Royal Tarlair Golf Club is on the east side of Macduff, with amazing views east along the Rugged Coast. This Course was constructed from 1923.

Next to the Golf Course is the Tarlair Open Air Pool, with work to restore the pool beginning in 2022.

Macduff History

The Town of Doune evolved around Fishing and Farming, later being renamed Macduff.

1100s - Banff Castle, one mile west of Macduff, was used by King Malcolm IV to help combat Viking raids in the area.

There was a ferry at this time for crossing the River Deveron between Macduff and Banff.

1760 - James Duff, Second Earl of Fife, had the harbour built at Macduff.

1783 - James Duff had the Town name changed from Doune to Macduff, after himself.

1765 - the first Bridge was built over the River Deveron, connecting Macduff and Banff.

1768 - a Flood swept away the first Bridge.

1799 - a new Banff Bridge was completed by John Smeaton.

1872 - Macduff Railway Station was opened, connecting the Town to the rest of the UK. The Railway Station was high up close to the Parish Church.

1850s - Herring Fishing was at its peak at Macduff and other Fishing Ports on this Coast, with Herring packed into Barrels with Brine for preservation, before being transported around the UK and Europe. Herring Photos & Info.

1881 - Banff Bridge was widened.

1900s early - the Herring Industry began to decline due to Over Fishing. The larger Powered Fishing Boats entering service allowed fishing to take place further out into the North Sea, with larger nets, scooping up vast quantities of Fish.

Banff Harbour began to silt up around this time, leading to Fishing and Cargo Vessels relocating to Macduff Harbour.

1931 - Tarlair Swimming Pool opened on the east side of Macduff by Royal Tarlair Golf Club.

1961 - Macduff Railway Station closed.

1995 - Tarlair Open Air Swimming Pool closed, soon falling into disrepair. This Open Air Pool is one of only three surviving in Scotland.

2022 - work began on restoring the Tarlair Open Air Swimming Pool.

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