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Mull of Galloway

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The Mull of Galloway is in southwest Scotland, 85 miles southwest of Dumfries, 21 miles south of Stranraer.

The Lighthouse and Gallie Craig Coffee House are on the furthest south point in Scotland, now one of the top attractions in the UK.

The Mull of Galloway is as far south as Keswick and Middlesbrough in England. Postcode: DG9 9HP

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1830 - the 85ft high lighthouse was built by Robert Stevenson, known as Stevenson Tower.

2004 - Gallie Craig cafe/restaurant was built next to Cliffs close to the Lighthouse. The Cafe has exceptional views towards Cumbria, Isle of Man and Ireland.

2013 - the Galloway Trust purchased the Lighthouse land and buildings, apart from the tower, from the Northern Lighthouse Board. The buildings now serve as a Museum with Tours to the top of the Tower giving amazing views in all directions.

The Museum gives information on the Lighthouse, fog horn, machinery, and the people that worked there. Check the website above for the Museum opening times throughout the year.

There are also Apartments at the Lighthouse available for Holidays.

By the Lighthouse is the RSPB Visitor Centre, giving information on local Wildlife such as Porpoises, Dolphins, Atlantic Grey Seals, Minke Whales, Otters and many species of Birds such as Black Guillemot, Kittiwake, Peregrine, and Puffin.

By the RSPV Visitor Centre is the furthest south point in Scotland. There are notice boards here giving information on Wildlife and Smuggling in the area.

The Isle of Man was known as a Smuggler's Warehouse from the 1700s, leading to vast amounts of Whisky, Beer, Salt and Candles being transported from the Isle of Man to remote areas of Galloway, so as not to pay Excise Duty.

There are Walks around the Mull with incredible views, such as the one right, across Gallie Craig to the Coffee House.

The sign at the Lighthouse states: Land's End 318 miles, Douglas Isle of Man 38 miles, London 293 miles, Edinburgh 113 miles, John O' Groats 285 miles, and Senegal home of the Gannets 2,800 miles.

The Mull of Galloway is about 20 miles long with many Attractions all over. You can visit all the Attractions in one day, if you know where you are going and don't spend too long at each Attraction.

The Area Click on Map shows where the Attractions are with photo pages for each Attraction and map links.

The drive down is interesting on its own, especially the last 2 miles on the good single lane road through the fields full of cattle, bit like a Safari.

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