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North Berwick Law

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North Berwick Law is 27 miles east of Edinburgh, overlooking the town of North Berwick.

The Car Park for 613ft / 187m North Berwick Law is just off Haddington Road, on the outskirts of North Berwick, easily found.

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The image top is of the B1347 road that runs up to North Berwick from the National Museum of Flight 5 miles south.

There is a Cart Track that winds its way around the Hill all the way to the top. There are Signs from the Car Par pointing round the northwest side where you pick up the Trail to the top.

There are a number of Steeper Routes to the top leading off the Cart Track, some rocky and slippery in the rain. You are supposed to stay on the Cart Track to avoid Erosion.

Dogs are to be kept on Lead as there are a number of Horses on the Hill, even right at the top.

The Summit has remains of an Iron Age Hill Fort.

1709 - an Arch made of a Whale's Jawbone was erected on the top of the Hill.

1800s early - the Building, now a ruin, close to the top, was used as a Lookout during the Napoleonic War.

2005 - the Arch was removed for safety reasons.

2008 - a Fiberglass Replica of the Arch was erected to give the Town its famous Landmark back.

The views from the Summit are amazing over North Berwick and the Islands of Craigleith, and Bass Rock a little south.

2019 - I was sent to the top to get pics over North Berwick on a real hot sunny day.

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