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The People's Palace museum is situated just over 1 mile southeast of George Square in Glasgow City Centre, Postcode: G40 1AT, Free Visits.

The Peoples Palace is on the Tour Bus route.

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You can walk round 10 Attractions with Phone Maps from George Square out to here and back such as Glasgow Cathedral, Tennents Brewery, Peoples Palace, Police Museum, St Andrews Cathedral and more, about 5 miles around them all, a great day out walking.

The People's Palace was completed in 1898 as a Museum telling the story of the people, and city of Glasgow, from 1750 to the end of the 1900s. The Museum contains historic artefacts, paintings, prints, photographs, film, and interactive computer displays.

The Victorian Glasshouse named the Winter Gardens, is currently closed undergoing repairs, estimated at around £5 million.

The top floor of the People's Palace has a balcony with amazing views over the Winter Gardens.
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In front of the Palace, is the 46ft high Doulton Fountain, gifted to Glasgow by Sir Henry Doulton in 1888, to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. The fountain contains a figure of the Queen, and figures from Canada, Australia, India, and South Africa, representing the British Empire.

About 100 yards southeast of the People's Palace, is the vast ornate Templeton on The Green building, that used to be the Templeton Carpet Factory. That factory closed in 1980. The building has now been converted to a business centre, also with a bar and restaurant. You have to view the building, as it is hard to believe it was once a factory. Large Image.

The People's Palace lies within the vast grounds of Glasgow Green park, laid out in 1450 for King James II. The Park has a number of historic attractions, including where Bonnie Prince Charlie's army camped from 25th December 1745 to the 3rd January 1746, and a 142 ft monument, erected the year after Admiral Horatio Nelson's death in 1805. More about Glasgow Green at: wiki/Glasgow_Green.

About 100 yards south of the Peoples Palace is the River Clyde, where you can at times, watch two Rowing Clubs practicing in single to four seater rowing boats. Large Image of the Rowing Boats.

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