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A list of the main attractions in and around Glasgow with websites, postcodes, images and links to maps and reviews.

Glasgow is a large sprawling city with many of its attractions spread out. The City Tour Buses depart from George Square/Centre of Glasgow, visiting most of the main attractions.

Glasgow also has good inexpensive Bus and Rail services to visit other attractions.

If walking round, click on the Postcode for a Google Phone Map to guide you to that attraction and gives reviews.

The first 10 attractions are in the City centre and to the east, on the Red Tour Bus route, also a real good Walking Tour , about a 5 mile walk going round them all.

George Square

George Square
George Square (Centre of Glasgow) is the most visited attraction in Glasgow, laid out in 1781. The City Chambers (seat of local government) that gives free tours most days, was built at the east side, and Queen Street Train Station built in the north-west corner. City Tour Buses depart from here.
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Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow image

Gallery of Modern Art
In the centre of Glasgow by George Square. This building was originally built as a Grecian-Style Mansion for a 1700s Tobacco Merchant. In the early 1990s, it became the Gallery of Modern Art. The buildings interior just has to be seen. Tel 0141 287 3050. FREE Admission.
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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
Close to the Gallery of Modern Art on Mitchell Lane. A Charles Rennie Mackintosh building now used as a centre for Design and Architecture with a Cafe and Shop, with great views from the top. FREE Admission.
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Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral
0.6 of a mile northeast of George Square. Glasgow Cathedral is probably the most impressive building in the City, built in the 1100s. The Necropolis / Grave Yard at the Cathedral is also a top attraction. Tel 0141 552 6891. FREE Admission.
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St Mungo Museum Glasgow image

St Mungo Museum
0.6 of a mile east of George Square next to Glasgow Cathedral. St Mungo Museum has galleries of artefacts and works of art that show the importance of Religion in peoples' lives, across the World. Tel 0141 276 1625. FREE Admission.
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Provand's Lordship Glasgow image

Provand's Lordship
0.6 of a mile east of George Square next to Glasgow Cathedral. Provand's Lordship was built in 1471, originally as part of a Hospital, one of only four medieval buildings to survive in Glasgow. Tel 0141 276 1625. FREE Admission.
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Tennent's Lager Brewery Tour
1 mile east of George Square on Duke Street between Glasgow Cathedral and The Peoples Palace. 450 years of Brewing with a tour of the Wellpark Brewery for displays of Branding and Advertising over the years. Tel: 0141 202 7145.
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The People's Palace

The People's Palace
Just over 1 mile southeast of George Square in the large Glasgow Green Park. A Social History Museum for the story of the people and city of Glasgow from 1750 to the present, and a Victorian Glasshouse with a Cafe. The Glasshouse may be closed for some time for renovations but the area is great to visit. Tel 0141 276 0788. FREE Admission. Tel: 0141 276 0788.
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Police Museum

Glasgow Police Museum
Half of a mile east of George Square on Bell Street fairly close to the Peoples Palace, in the Merchant City area. This Museum covers the History of Glasgow Police from 1779 - 1975 with Artifacts, Stories, and Images. Tel: 0141 552 1818.
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St Andrew's Cathedral Glasgow image

St Andrew's Cathedral Glasgow
Half of a mile south of George Square next to the River Clyde where there is Walking/Jogging path for miles west and east. The Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew is a Roman Catholic Cathedral designed in 1814 by James Gillespie Graham in the Neo Gothic style. FREE Admission.
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The next Attractions are on the west side of Glasgow centre, normally visited by the Red Bus Tours as are well spread out.

The first 4 are also a popular day out walking along the scenic riverside, about 3 miles out then catch any inexpensive bus back to the city centre.

Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Tower & Science Centre
2 miles southwest of George Square. A purpose-built Science Centre with the Science Mall, IMAX Cinema, and the Glasgow Tower for great views over the City at 416 feet. Tel 0141 420 5000.
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Clydeside Distillery

The Clydeside Distillery
Across the footbridge from the Scinece Centre on Stobcross Road. Opened in late 2017, producing Single Malt Scotch Whisky with a Visitor Centre and Shop. Tel: 0141 212 1401.
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Riverside Museum Glasgow image

Riverside Museum
2.5 miles southwest of George Square. Houses the popular Glasgow's Museum of Transport and The Tall Ship. This Museum is a short riverside walk west of the Science Centre and SEC . Also with Fast Boat Trips. Tel 0141 287 2720. FREE Admission.
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Govan Old Church image

Govan Stones Glasgow
3 miles southwest of George Square. In the centre of Govan, across the footbridge at the Riverside Museum or by the River Ferry. 31 pieces of early Medieval sculptures from the 800s to 1000s. These include an ornate solid stone sarcophagus, carved stone slabs, and hogback stones. FREE Admission.
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The next 6 attractions are also on the Red Tour Bus Route. They can also be a good Day Walk going out Sauchiehall Street, then into the West End for the Kelvingrove Museum, University Museums, and Botannic Gardens. About a 3 mile walk out then catch any inexpensive Bus back to the City centre.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
1.8 miles northwest. Opened in 1901 with a great variety of Art, Artifacts and Animals from around the World. The Museum also has one of the top collections of Arms and Armour, and two room dedicated to Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Tel 0141 276 9599. FREE Admission.
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University of Glasgow image

University of Glasgow
2 miles northwest of George Square next to the Kelvingrove Museum. Home to Scotland's oldest Public Museum, and the World's largest collection of works by the Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. FREE Admission.
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Botanic Gardens

Glasgow Botanic Gardens
Just over 2 miles northwest of George Square past the University. Built for the Glasgow botanist Thomas Hopkirk in 1817, at the western end of Sauchiehall Street. In 1842, the Gardens were moved to this larger site. Tel 0141 276 1614. FREE Admission.
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Royal Highland Fusiliers Regimental Museum
1 mile northwest of George Square at 518 Sauchiehall Street. This Museum covers the Officers and Men over 300 years in Campaigns around the World. Tel: 0141 332 0961. Also on the Red Tour Bus route. FREE Admission.
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Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre
1 mile northeast of George Square at 129 Hill Street. Based in Garnethill Synagogue, the first purpose-built synagogue in Scotland. A short walk north of the Fusiliers Museum. Tel: 0141 332 4151.
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The Tenement House
1 mile northeast of George Square at 145 Buccleuch. Museum showing what it was like to live in Glasgow in the early 1900s. A short walk north of the Jewish Centre. Tel: 0141 333 0183.
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The next Attractions are on the east and south side of Glasgow with many on the Yellow Bus Tour.

Celtic Football Club
2.5 miles east of Glasgow centre. The Celtic Visitor Centre is situated at Celtic Park, one of the largest football stadiums in Europe, the perfect place to learn all about the Club, from its founding in 1888. How to get there. On the Yellow Bus Tour. Tel 0871 226 1888.
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Pollok House Glasgow image

Pollok House
4 miles southwest of George Square. A Georgian Country House showing life as it was for the wealthy, with an Art Collection. There are regular Buses and Trains from the city centre as well as the Yellow Tour Buses. Admission Prices on the website. The interior of the house may be closed for some time due to a refurb but the exterior and gardens are impressive.
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Burrell Collection Glasgow image

Burrell Collection
4 miles southwest of George Square. The Burrell Collection is a large Art Museum in Pollok Park, close to Pollok House with over 8000 objects including work by major Artists including Rodin, Degas, and Cezanne and more. FREE Admission.
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House for an Art Lover
4 miles southwest of George Square. A Country House with an Arts Centre and Cafe, also a Dry Ski Slope in the grounds, on the Yellow Tour Bus Route. Tel: 0141 483 1600.
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Rangers Football Club

Rangers Football Club
3.6 miles southwest of Glasgow centre. The Ibrox Tours allows you to experience this World famous Stadium with your very own all areas pass. RFC was founded in 1872. How to get there. On the Yellow Tour Bus Route. Tel 0141 580 8500.
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The next Attractions are on the south and west sides of Glasgow not on any Tour Bus routes, so harder to get to.

Scotland Street School Museum
1.6 miles south of George Square at 225 Scotland Street, southwest of the city centre not on any tour bus toutes. Museum designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh between 1903-1906, go to School in the Victorian era. Tel: 0141 287 0500. FREE Admission.
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Scottish Football Museum
3 miles south of Glasgow centre. This Museum at Hampden Park covers the History of Football in Scotland from the first Club founded in 1867 til today. Tel 0141 616 6139. Regular Trains run between Glasgow Central and Mount Florida stations, leaving a half mile walk to the museum.
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Holmwood House Glasgow image

Holmwood House
5 miles south of Glasgow centre. This Mansion is in the Cathcart area of Glasgow, said to be one of the Scottish architect Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson’s finest works. Regular Trains run from Central Station to Cathcart Station half of a mile from the house. Admission Prices and opening times on the website. Tel: 0141 571 0184.
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Fossil Grove
4 miles west of George Square at Victoria Park. Museum with Fossilised stumps and roots of eleven extinct Lepidodendron trees, discovered in 1887. Tel 0141 287 5918. Free Admission. The X4 bus runs between Central Train Station and Victoria Park.
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Into Braehead

XSite Braehead
5 miles west, a family entertainment with a vast shopping centre, bars, restaurants, cinema, family attractions, and extreme activities. Regular Buses run to and from Buchanan Bus Station the City centre.
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Titan Crane Clydebank Glasgow image

Titan Clydebank
7 miles west of George Square. A 150 feet high cantilever crane built in 1907. It was designed to be used in the lifting of heavy equipment, such as engines, during the fitting out of battleships and ocean liners at the John Brown & Company shipyard. It is now at times used as a tourist attraction with great views from the top and Bunjee Jumping. Check the postcode link for when open and reviews.
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Theme Park

Scotland's Theme Park M&Ds
12 miles southeast. 5 terrifying White Knuckle rides, over 20 kids' rides, 18 hole Miniature Golf, Glow in the Dark indoor bowling, a large indoor complex including a gigantic Soft Play Area, bars, and restaurants. There are no Trains or Buses, Taxis cost around £35 each way. Tel: 01698 333 777. Large Images
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Glengoyne Distillery

Glengoyne Whisky Distillery
14 miles north of George Square. One of the most visited distilleries in Scotland with a number of tours from: 10am to 4pm. Shop open from: 10am - 5pm. For those that also like a hike, the 1,400ft Dumgoyne Hill is situated next to the distillery, with a good real steep trail all the way to the top, a mini mountain. The X10 Bus runs from Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station right to the Distillery. Tel 01360 550 254.
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