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Provand's Lordship Museum in Glasgow

Provand's Lordship Museum in Glasgow websites, information, images, telephone number, postcode and links to reviews and a map.

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Provand's Lordship Museum is situated about 0.6 of a mile west of George Square / Glasgow centre

22 Large Images of the Provand's Lordship, Rooms, and Gradens.

Provand's Lordship was built in 1471, originally part of the old St Nicholas's Hospital . It is said to be one of only four medieval buildings to remain in Glasgow.

The House has been extensively restored, containing 1600s furniture donated by Sir William Burrell. Visiting Provand's Lordship, shows what a home interior of around 1700 would have looked like.

St Nicholas Garden, behind the House, is a Medicinal Herb Garden, with the Tontine Faces, a number of Stone Masks with interesting history.

The Museum is on the Tour Bus route . Provand's Lordship Museum Google Map . Postcode: G4 0RH.
Tel: 0141 276 1625 . FREE Admission.

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Next to the Provands Lordship, to the right in this image, is Glasgow Cathedral, another popular attraction in this area. FREE Admission.

The Necropolis, with its Elaborate Grave Stones, sitting high above the Cathedral, also attracts many visitors.

St Mungo Museum is also situated just across the road, to the right in this image, for information on Religious Life and Art. FREE Admission.

The Cathedral House Hotel is situated 50 yards down the road, ideal for meals and drinks, Reviews.

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