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Scotland's Secret Bunker

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Scotland's Secret Bunker is 7 miles south of St Andrews town, 51 miles north of Edinburgh. This is one of the strangest Attractions in Scotland.

The Museum can be visited all year with an entrance fee. Postcode: KY16 8QH

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The image top is of the Building constructed to look like a Farmhouse that is the entrance to the Secrete Bunker.

This Bunker was built in the 1950s as one of a number of Radar Stations during the Cold War, a time when Nuclear War with Russia was thought could happen at any time.

Many Bunkers were built around to UK coast with Radar to track Russian Nuclear Bombers approaching the UK. Large Russian Tu-95 Nuclear Bombers would regularly fly close to UK Airspace to test the Radar Stations and the UK Fighter Jets response time.

These War Games led to high tensions on both sides, with many people believing a Nuclear War could break out by mistake as one side could have thought a War Game was the real thing.

This Bunker was enlarged in the 1970s as the Main Bunker to house Scottish Politicians in the event of a Nuclear War.

The air in the Bunker was purified to cut out Radioactivity, Gas and Biological Weapons.

There are 6 Dormitories to hold up to 300 people, Luxurious Accommodation for Officers, an RAF Control Room, Chapel, Cafe, and a Telephone Switchboard with over 2,000 outside lines protected to withstand an Atomic Blast.

There is also a BBC Sound Studio for Broadcasting News to the outside world after a Nuclear Strike.

The Bunker was enlarged by digging a 40 meter deep hole the size of two football fields, covered with steel, then had the earth placed back over the entire structure so the area looked like Farm Fields with a Farmhouse in the middle.

The Tunnel that leads from the Farmhouse to the Bunker is about 150 meters long.

1968 - the UK began operating Polaris Submarines armed with Nuclear Missiles. This was an even deadlier time with Nuclear Missiles then a threat from the Air and Sea.

1992 - the Bunker was decommissioned.

1994 - the Bunker was opened to the public as a Tourist Attraction.

The last Room you visit has Period Military Costumes for Photographs.

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