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St Andrews Museum is situated on Doubledykes Road, a 10 minute walk from the St Andrews town centre.

This Free Museum can be visited most of the year. April to September: Mon-Sat 10:30am till 4.00pm. October to March: Wed-Sat 10:30am till 4.00pm. Postcode: KY16 9DP

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The image top is of St Andrews Museum in Kinburn House. The house is situated in a park with a cafe.

Kinburn House was built in the 1850s for Dr David Buddo who was a local from St Andrews that had just retired from the Indian Medical Service. He named the house after a Battle in the Crimean War in the 1850s.

The House and Park were taken over by St Andrews Town Council in 1920. In 1991, the house was converted to serve as the St Andrews Museum.

The Museum covers the history of St Andrews from its early days when Pilgrims from all over Scotland would travel to the huge St Andrews Cathedral, largest church in Scotland at that time.

Some gruesome information covers locals of St Andrews being burned at the stake for their religious beliefs in the 1500s, and locals executed by beheading in the 1600s with a heavy axe with a short handle, said to be more accurate than a long handle.

The Museum gives information on James McIntosh Patrick ( 1907 to 1998) a Scottish artist born in Dundee with much of his work covering the St Andrews and Dundee area.

The Museum also covers golf at St Andrews, how the town housing developed, Victorian era, leisure, transport, and how the two world wars affected the area. A number of Polish Armed Forces were stationed around St Andrews, with many settling in there after the war.

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