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Staffa and Fingals Cave

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Staffa and Fingals Cave are 6 miles off the west coast of the Isle of Mull from the small village of Fionnphort. Staffa Tours and Staffa Trips provide Boat Trips to the Island from Fionnphort.

Staffa Tours also provide longer trips from Tobermory, about 17 miles.

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You can take your car on the Oban to Craignure on Mull ferry and drive 35 miles west to Fionnphort, or book a tour from Oban where you take the Ferry to Mull with a Coach waiting at Mull to take you to Fionnphort or Tobermory. Oban Trips

Most trips allow you to take a walk over the Island as well.

The Isle of Iona with Iona Abbey is only 1 mile off the Mull coast at Fionnphort, so most people visit Iona as well. Two of the top attractions in Scotland in the same area.

Staffa is said to be Old Norse, meaning Pillar Island, due to its Basalt Columns.

The Island was formed when Glaciers from the last Ice Age 20,000 years back began retreating north, leaving the UK an Island, with thousands of small Islands around the coast.

82 miles south of Staffa, the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland has the same Basalt Columns, claimed to have been created at the same time, although by a different Volcano.

Legend states Staffa was created by a Scottish Giant and the Giant's Causeway by an Irish Giant, when they were building a road between the two for a battle.

Fingals Cave is the top attraction on Staffa at over 60ft high and 200ft long, claimed by many visitors to be one of the top sights in the world.

Fingals Cave is said to have been named after a fictional Irish Warrior - Fionn MacCumhaill / Finn McCool.

1772 - Staffa became a top tourist attraction after the English botanist Joseph Banks visited with the painter Johann Zoffany.

Many famous people soon followed such as Sir Walter Scott, John Keats, J. M. W. Turner, William Wordsworth, Jules Verne, Alice Liddell of Alice in Wonderland, David Livingston, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Queen Victoria.

1829 - Felix Mendelssohn visited Staffa with him creating The Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) - Overture in 1830.

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