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The Cobbler Hike

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The 2,900ft, 884m Cobbler is 44 miles northwest of Glasgow, at Arrochar, 2 miles west of Tarbet at Loch Lomond, on the A83 Road up to Inveraray. Regular Buses run between Glasgow and Arrochar stopping at the Hiking Car Park.

This is not a Munro as is just under 3,000ft, but is one of the most popular Mountains in Scotland due to its looks.

There is a safe Tourist Trail all the way. The Tougher Trail with a bit of Scrambling is fairly safe in Summer when no Ice. Spikes and Ice Axe may be needed from October to mid April.

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The Image top is from Arrochar looking across Loch Long, best place to get views of the Mountains. That is Beinn Narnain at 3,034ft next to The Cobbler, can also be Hiked in the same day if you are fit enough. Large Image with paths.

The second image is of one of two large Car Parks around below the Mountains, right where the Trail starts. These are Pay and Display Car Parks, about £1 per hour. The Cobbler will take about 6 hours up and back if visiting both sides. There is a Coin Machine and Credit Card Machine, or you can pay by Phone, most Phones get a reception here.

The start of the Trail is right across from the second Car Park and Bus Stop.

The Trail has a good sign at the start, with the first section Zig Zagging up through the Woodland, allowing a steady hike much of the way.

You pass a Summer Seat where the Path crosses a Forest Road, walk along the Forest Road about 100 yards west past a Telecommunications Tower then up another Woodland Path.

Once out onto the Hillside, there is a good steady Trail straight up to The Cobbler.

You pass a small Dam on the Trail, some people cross over at the Dam and go up the West Ridge, normally people that have been up a few times and looking for a different route.

The Main Trail takes you to the bottom of The Cobbler east side, where you get the choice of straight up the Tough Route, or go on up past and up the safer Tourist Trail. Both Trails are real steep. The Trail is about 1,900ft here, so about 1,000ft to go to the top. Tough Route Large Image.

I went up the Tough Route shown by the white line to a low point with a large Cairn. This is fairly easy with a faint trail most of the way, just a few spots you have to pick your way up through Boulders. There is a couple of places you have to Climb up about 6 feet, but no places where you are close to high drops.

Up to the east side Summit also has two routes, round and up the Safe Tourist Trail, or up the Steep Trail shown by the white line. The Steep Trail has a bit of danger close to the top as you have to cross a large sloping rock right above the Cliffs, was tricky dry, be real dangerous wet. Large Image

On a clear day this is a fairly safe Mountain, best avoided in Thick Cloud though as not a lot of room at the top and Cliffs are much of the way around.

Crossing over to the West Summit is easy, back down the Tourist Trail then across and up.

There is a Rock Stack on the West Side popular with Climbers, Real Dangerous if you do not have Climbing Experience. Large Image

Most people go back down the safe Tourist Trail, that goes down and round the north side. This is a Man Made Path much of the way, real steep in places. Most people go up this way.

Once at the bottom, turn right and follow the Main Trail back down to Arrochar. Large Image of the Tourist Route Up.

Some people also hike Beinn Ime and Beinn Narnain in the same day, people that are exceptionally fit.

You get some great views of Arrochar on the Main Trail back down, especially at the Summer Seat.

The Map below shows the Trails and Mountains, Blue Dots are the Tourist Trails, yellow Clear Trails, Brown - Faint Paths or Scrambling, Red - Steep & Scrambling.

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