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Torrin on Skye

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Torrin is in central Sky, 6 miles west of Broadford on the east coast, 8 miles east of Elgol on the west coast. Torrin is popular for its Cafe with incredible views, Picnics by Loch Slapin, Walking Route through Mountains, Hiking a top Mountain, and Climbing. Postcode: IV49 9BA

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The image top is of the Amy’s Place Cafe at Torrin with views over the Mountains. The Mountains over Loch Slapin look like Cuillin's, but are not on the Cuillin Ridge. The Village is only a few Victorian Cottages and some more Modern Houses, well spaced out.

The second image is of the Walking Route to Luib, 6 miles north. The Circular Route through the Mountains is about 11 miles.

The third image is across Loch Slapin to the 928m / 3,045ft Bla Bheinn Mountain. This is one of the most scenic spots on Skye.

Bla Bheinn is a top Mountain to hike, also with a number of Climbing Routes.

The bottom image is of the road around Loch Slapin. The road ends at the Harbour Village of Elgol, about 8 miles west. The views from Elgol Harbour are amazing as well, looking out to Sea, and over to the Cuillin Mountains.

Torrin History

1500s - the Christ's Church is built 3 miles east of Torrin by the roadside. This was the main Church in the Area until the 1800s. There may have been Christian Worship on this Site as far back as the 600s. Its Ruins are a popular Attraction and Photo Spot. Large Image.

1707 - Marble and Lime began being extracted in this Area. There is a large Quarry on the southwest side of Torrin today.

1800s - there were around 120 people living in the Area.

1961 - the Old School closed, it is now used as the Torrin Bunkhouse by Parties on Outdoor Excursions.

1970s - Torrin Church closed, it has since been Converted to serve as a Holiday Home.

1972 - High Pasture Cave, under 1 mile southeast of Torrin, was Excavated by Students from the University of London. There have been a number of Excavations since, with the Cave passages said to be around 320 meters. Arrowheads found in the Cave are said to be from Nomadic Hunters about 6,000 years back.

2001 - a Shop /Cafe was opened by the John Muire Trust under the name Am Bothan.

2005 - the Shop /Cafe was re-named the Blue Shed Cafe.

2020 - the Blue Shed Cafe was re-named Amy’s Place.

Today - there are five Working Croft's at Torrin with Cattle and Sheep, many grazing around Loch Slapin, a Sea Loch, with the land rich in Salt.

There are now about 60 People living in the area.

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