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Ballater is a Town in northeast Scotland, 42 miles west of Aberdeen, 17 miles east of Braemar.

Ballater is popular for its Royal Train Station, Golf, Touring Park, Cafes, Balmoral Castle 8 miles west, Lecht Ski Centre on the Lecht Mountain Road 18 miles north, Glenshee Ski Centre on the A93 Road, Highest Road in Scotland 26 miles southwest, and a number of Walks in the area.

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The image top is of Ballater Train Station, opened in 1866, closed in 1966, now a Museum and Information Centre.

The Old Station has an area reffered to as Queen Victoria's waiting room, with a Replica Royal Carriage. Queen Victoria bought Balmoral Estate in 1852, with Balmoral Castle being built by 1856.

This led to Ballater Train Station being used by Royals traveling up to Balmoral Castle. Royals from around the World would also use Ballater Train Station when visiting Balmoral, also, most Prime Ministers have visited in summer, leading to an increase in Tourism, people hoping to see famous people shopping in Ballater.

Ballater Bike Station is next to the Train Station, now with Electric Bikes for Hire.

Ballater Centre is about 200 yards southeast of the Train Station, with Glenmuick Church at Church Green, built in 1874 to replace a smaller Church from the 1780s.

Ballater Fountain is in front of Glenmuick Church, erected in 1884 in honour of Lieutenant Colonel Farquharson. The Farquharson's were credited with building Ballater from the 1790s.

The Royal Bridge at Ballater is 300 yards southeast of the Village centre, crossing the River Dee. The first Stone Bridge here was bult in 1783, swept away by a Flood in 1789. The second Bridge was built by Thomas Telford in 1809, swept away by a Flood in 1829. The Bridge seen today was built in 1885, opened by Queen Victoria, surviving a great Flood in December 2015, caused by Storm Frank.

Ballater Golf Club is on the south side of the Town, founded in 1892.

Ballater Caravan Park is next to the Golf Club, with Pitches for Tourers and Tents.

Crathie Kirk is 8 miles west of Ballater, at the entrance to Balmoral Castle. This is the Church used by Royals when they are at Balmoral, free to visit with donations encouraged. Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone for this Church in 1893.

Balmoral Castle can be visited from the 1st April to late July or early August. The Royals holiday at Balmoral for a few weeks in August.

Ballater History

1390 - the first Balmoral Castle was built for Sir William Drummond, 8 miles west of where Ballater is today.

1539 - Clan Farquharson gained control of Invercauld Estate and Castle 15 miles west of Ballater.

1662 - Clan Farquharson gained control of Blamoral Castle.

1746 - the Jacobite Army was defeated at Culloden by Inverness, with Balmoral Castle being taken from the Farquharson's at that time, as they supported the Jacobite's.

1748 - work began on Fort George by Inverness to house Troops to prevent more Risings.

1749 - a Miltary Road was built leading north to Fort George, passing through Balmoral Estate. These Roads also allowed the first Tourist to explore the Highlands.

1790 - Ballater was built by Francis Farquharson and his decendants, evolving into a Spa Resort for visitors to the Pananich Mineral Well.

1842 - Queen Victoria visited the Highlands of Scotland for the first time. This was a time travel from London was by Ship, then Horse and Carriage, or Horse over rough roads. The Queen fell in love with the Highlands, intending to have a place of her own for holidays.

Queen Victoria was almost killed on one of her trips to the Highlands, after her Carraige overturned.

1848 - Queen Victoria gained control of Balmoral Estate, 8 miles west of Ballater.

1856 - Balmoral Castle was built for Queen Victoria, replacing an older Castle on the Estate.

1867 - the Railway reached Aberdeen, connecting to Edinburgh and London, leaving just 50 miles by Horse and Carriage to Balmoral.

1886 - Ballater Railway Station opened with Royals using the Station, leaving just 8 miles by Horse and Carriage to Balmoral.

1900 - King Edward VII was the first Royal to buy a Car, produced by Daimler Company, founded in London 1896.

1928 - the first Royal Aircraft entrered service, with the Royals later flying up to Aberdeen, then traveling by Car to Balmoral.

1966 - Ballater Train Station was closed, at a time most people had began traveling by Car or Bus, and Goods were being transported by Diesel Trucks.

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