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The Lecht Road

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The Lecht Road runs 38 miles between Grantown on Spey in Speyside and Ballater or Braemar in Aberdeenshire.

This is one of the Top Roads in Scotland to Drive or Cycle, through the scenic Grampian Mountains where it passes the Lecht 2090 Ski Centre at 2,090 feet.

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The Image top is of the Main Street in Grantown on Spey, gateway to Speyside for the many Single Malt Whisky Distilleries. Grantown on Spey was built from 1765.

Grantown East is an Old Railway Station about 1 mile southeast of Grantown on Spey, now a Heritage Centre with a Cafe/Diner. This Station was operated from 1863 to 1968.

One third of a mile east of Grantown East is the start of The Lecht Road, also known as the Old Military Road, or A939 Road.

1746 - the Battle of Culloden led to the defeat of the Jacobite's, then the Government building Military Roads throughout the Highlands, to prevent more Jacobite Risings.

This Mountain Road was one of many Military Roads built from that time, to help bring Law and Order to the Highlands.

These Military Roads were like Roman Roads, mainly built with Large Flat Stones.

1820s - Macadam Roads were built, some over the Military Roads, made from Different Sizes of Small Stones, Packed Down to make an Even Surface.

1895 - the first Cars were imported into Scotland, creating a lot of Dust when traveling fast over the Macadam Roads.

1902 - Tar was Sprayed on the Macadam Roads to prevent dust, beginning of Modern Day Roads.

8 miles along the Lecht Road you pass the Bridge of Brown Tearoom.

5 miles past Bridge of Brown you arrive at Tomintoul Village. At 345m / 1,132ft, this is claimed to be the Highest Village in the Highlands.

The Highest Village in Scotland is the Lead Mining Village of Wanlockhead in Southern Scotland at 410m / 1,350ft.

Tomintoul was built for Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon, from 1775.

7 miles south of Tomintoul is the Lecht 2090 Ski Centre, at 2,090 feet above sea level. This Ski Centre was built up from the 1970s, most northerly Ski Centre in Scotland.

Cock Bridge is 6 miles south of the Lecht 2090, now only a Small Bridge and a few Cottages.

Corgarff Castle is under half of a mile west of Cock Bridge, built from 1530 for the Elphinstone Family, now open for visits.

15 miles south of Cock Bridge you arrive at Ballater, one of a number of interesting Towns west of Aberdeen. Ballater was established in the 1770s.

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