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Braemar is a village in northeast Scotland, 50 miles north of Perth, 58 miles west of Aberdeen.

Braemar is popular for its Scenic Village Centre, Golf, Walking, Touring Park, Cafes, Braemar Castle, Balmoral Castle 9 miles east, and Glenshee Ski Centre on the A93 Road, Highest Road in Scotland 9 miles south.

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Braemar Castle is open April to October, and Balmoral Castle from April to July. The Braemar Gathering Highland Games are in late August or early September.

There are a number of Walking Routes around Braemar, from fairly level to the 4,295ft / 1309m Ben Macduie, second highest mountain in Scotland.

Lairig Ghru is the top Hill Pass for Walking in Scotland, running between Braemar and Aviemore, 28 miles through the Cairngorm Mountains.

Fishing and Shooting on the Invercauld Estate include on the River Dee for salmon and trout, and hill lochs for trout.

The image top is of Braemar Caravan and Camping Park on the south side of the Village. There are touring pitches, tent pitches, and holiday cabins.

The image second top is of the Village Centre with a good selection of Cafes and Shops.

The centre of the village contains the War Memorial and information about Braemar during the World Wars. Clunie Water runs past the War Memorial with an Old Mill now converted to a home.

Next to the War Memorial is Braemar Church and The Mews with an Information Centre and Shops.

The Braemar Gallery is a short walk from The Mews, down Mar Road.

The Fife Arms is in the Village centre. The hotel underwent a vast refurbishment in 2017/2018, re-opening in the winter of 2018.

St Margaret's Church is in the Village centre with interesting information on the History of Braemar and the Church itself.

The Invercauld Arms Hotel is on the east side of the village.

Braemar Cemetery is a few hundred yards east of Braemar with the 1750 Farquharson Mausoleum being the most notable part of the Cemetery.

Braemar Castle is half of a mile east of Braemar. The Castle seen today was built 1628 for John Erskine, 18th Earl of Mar, to serve as a hunting lodge, used as a museum since 2008.

Braemar Golf Club is situated on the southwest side of the Village, 1 mile down past the War Memorial on the Old Military Road. This is an 18 hole parkland course that welcomes visitors.

Balmoral Castle is 9 miles east but is only open from Aril 1st to July 31st.

Braemar History

Braemar originated from two hamlets, one on each side of Clunie Water named Auchendryne and Castleton.

Kings had Hunting Lodges in the area from around the 1100s.

1390 - Kindrochit Castle is built for Malcolm Drummond at Braemar next to Clunie Water, where the main Car Park is today in the village centre. The Castle was built on the site of a former Hunting Lodge. The ruins can be visited free of charge.

1628 - Braemar Castle 1 mile east of the village is built for John Erskine, 18th Earl of Mar, to serve as a hunting lodge.

1689 - Braemar Castle was attacked and burned by the Jacobite John Farquharson of Inverey on his way home from the Battle of Killiekrankie. Inverey is 5 miles southwest of Braemar.

1715 - the Earl of Mar lead the failed Jacobite Rising to have the Catholic Stuart's returned to the throne. This led to the Crown taking control of Braemar Castle.

The Earl of Mar was often referred to as Bobbin Jock, as he at times supported the Jacobite's, and at others the King. Many landowners would change sides during conflicts, as being on the losing side meant the loss of their Estates.

Only a few on the losing side ever retained their Estates by swearing allegiance to the King, or new King.

1716? - Braemar Castle was bought by John Farquharson, 9th Laird of Invercauld.

1746 - the Jacobite defeat at the Battle of Culloden by Inverness 79 miles northwest, ended the Jacobite Risings.

1748 - Braemar Castle was leased to the Government to house troops to prevent any more uprisings.

1831 - Braemar castle was returned to the Farquharson's.

1832 - the first Braemar Gathering Highland Games took place.

These were the first modern day Games as all Clan Gatherings and the Wearing of Kilts became an offence in 1746, after the Jacobite Risings.

1845 - John Begg builds the Lochnagar Distillery on the Balmoral Estate, 9 miles east of Braemar.

1848 - Queen Victoria acquired Balmoral Estate 9 mile east of Braemar.

1849 - Queen Victoria attended the Braemar Gathering.

1855 - Balmoral Castle was completed for Queen Victoria.

1870 - the Villages of Auchendryne and Castleton officially merge to form Braemar.

1881 - Robert Louis Stevenson visits Braemar and starts to write the book about Pirates and Gold named Treasure Island.

1930s - Skiing at Glenshee, 9 miles south of Braemar, began by a few enthusiasts for fun.

1962 - the Glenshee Ski Centre opened with the Cairnwell Chairlift and Cafe. It soon grew to the largest Ski Centre in Scotland with many Lifts and Tows on the three Mountains over 3,000ft.

1968 - Balmoral Castle was opened to the public in early summer each year.

2006 - Braemar Castle is leased to local community to serve as a tourist attraction.

Today - the A93 Road up from Blairgowrie to Braemar has become popular for driving as it is the highest road in Scotland at 670m / 2,199ft, running right through the middle of the Ski Centre with a popular diner in the moutains.

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